Style Kat Box Du Jour

Frontier sTYLE

“You have to be what you are. Whatever you are, you gotta be it.”


-Johnny Cash

Let's Talk Frontier Style!


What is Frontier Style? 

When one is traveling packing less is more. So having multi-functional items that make you feel like a million bucks and get you compliments daily... well that is what I call Smart Packing! 

I've taken this philosophy into my daily life now. Less wardrobe items, but even more style. So my go-to run around looks are multi-functional too. I want a dress that I can dress up or down, that is a breeze to wear, keeps me cool or able to layer when the weather shifts. I want a scarf that I can wear multiple ways from "get my hair off my neck" to "let me chic-up my look today". I want accessories that I can use to add a little "pop of interest" to my bag or take off and use to hold all my keys. I want a tote bag that I can use for groceries or pack my "under the seat" needs for a flight and then turn around to use for shopping on holiday. I want my make-up routine to be quick and give me the outer glow that matches my inner glow. 

A cowboy always has multi-functional items when on the range. I'm taking this vibe and translating it for the modern woman, whether she is a country soul or an urban stylista, these items will rock your world and become your new Style Essentials. 

That's what Style Kat Life is ALL about! Your Style Factor!



Box Du Jour - Frontier Style


The Style Kat Box Du Jour  

Frontier Style 

Limited Edition of 8

$159 + S/H

2 Left!

Whether you are embarking on an entire brand new chapter in your life, or just walking the dog... you're set with style. Go-to style essentials mixed with some local goodness from the Good Ole' West. 

Your Style Kat Box du Jour - Frontier Style includes:

  • Wardrobe Essential: The perfect Travel Dress in classic goes-with-everything cotton chambray. Style it up or keep it casual... you are always on point! 

  • A Style Essential: A choice of updated modern bandanas. This ain't your small kerchief style. This is a silky 27" x 27" gorgeous spin on the classic that is now My Style Kat EssentialYour choice of either Classic Red or Cool Grey.

  • A Touch of Whimsy: A good ole' River Runs Through It, Montana "Fly Fishing" inspired, designed by Kat, scarf pin. 

  • A Practical Style Factor: A go-to-classic-canvas-navy-polka-dotted-holds-all Tote Bag. Perfect for grabbing your faves and hitting the road, or just casually strolling the farmers market.

  • The On-The-Go Fab Stick: They call this a multi stick and I call it the perfect travel go-to glam UP for lips, eyes and cheeks. Because even in a rush... you have time to be your polished best!

  • Tassel Me Conversation Starter: Where did you get that? Well, this is one of my faves and all about re-direction. You get your choice (while they last) of a genuine artisanal horse hair braided key fob. There's more to that story you'll find below. Pop on your purse for style factor or use for your favorite keys. 

  • A Taste of Summer Anytime: Sweet and delicious Huckleberry Jam anytime of year, I recommend the deep winter and on toast for when you just want to remember swimming in the lake and bonfires at night. 

  • A Touch of Nature for your Decor: Three lil pinecones hand-gathered from the forests of the Continental Divide. Place in your favorite spot to keep you in touch with nature.

  • A Change of Mood Maker: Santa Fe Sage makes the perfect smudge stick to change your vibe anytime as needed. Now that is an essential! 

  • No Bull... Totally Worth The Calories: Buffalo cookie cutter and a recipe for delish Chai Spice Cookies... here come the Holidays and your baking won't be lost in a sea of basic biscuits



Limited Edition of 8 Boxes Available

2 Boxes Left!

Box Du Jour - Frontier Style


Let's chat

Travel Dress!


Embarking to a new frontier requires hard wearing travel-worthy clothing and here at Style Kat we up

function into Style!

found these 100% cotton chambray dresses in my local big box store. (You just ever know what's out there! )

I tested this darling for a few days then went back and bought them all just for this Box! 

I can attest to the style factor (compliments all the time), the durability (easy to spot clean on the go, wash and wear otherwise, packs with ease, dress her up or stay casual). 

This is a multi-functional, my new 
favorite go-to, don't have to think about it dress. I wear mine multiple times a week just about everywhere. 

This is a tent dress, comes with a slip underneath that I personally detached so I can choose to wear it or not depending on my mood and the weather. (Your's comes with slip attached.)

One size and roomy. Exactly how it is supposed to fit. Hits on me, just above my knee. 

Reach out if you are curious about the size and your needs. 

A Style Kat nod to the classic


Wild Rag

Cowboy wild rags were worn for practical reasons. Keeping warm, protection from the sun and wind, as a handy wipe, a potholder, a signal flag, a sling, as a dust mask (and you know... "stick 'em up!"), etc..


For this Box I really wanted to include a bandana inspired from the nostalgic point of view but also the functional accessory of it all.(think Rosie the Riveter) and the, of course, Style Factor.

So I searched and searched and couldn't be more pleased with this modern updated version of a functional bandana or wild rag. 

This Style Kat version is a silky poly, so soft and yet not shiny. Rather beautifully matte, 

light-weight, multi-functional, 27" x 27" and utterly fabulous! Comes with access to an upcoming tutorial on "How to Up Your Style with a Wild Rag!"


Choose from either Classic Red or Cool Grey. 

I knew I wanted to have it... so I sought it out and BAM! 


Your Style Kat

"Fly" Pin

It was totally a new frontier for this Style Kat and I braved all my nerves, sought out and stepped into a true Fly Fishing Lure Shop while

in Trout, MT.

I guess the intimidation was these shops are for true sportspeople... the fisherman/fisherwoman. Me, I'm a Style Kat and wanted to find a perfect and authentic fly fishing lure to make you a Scarf Pin for your Wild Rag. Talk about a City Kat!

We found a great shop and WOW did I love it! Tons of lures all so delicate and gorgeous. 

I've snipped the hook off and capped the end with a silicone stopper. Super easy to wear and a lightweight little pop o' whimsy that will for sure be a conversation starter. 

Go ahead and hook up those compliments!


The On-The-Go Fab Stick!

I am in love with the "one stick does all" concept. I found these Monochromatic Multi Sticks from e.l.f. cosmetics and chose a great color for all skin types, Sparkling Rose.


You'll receive exclusive access to an upcoming video tutorial on  "How to be Fabulous with Your Fab Stick!". I'll be showing you ways to use this multi-stick to glam you up and get you on the go!

This versatile, multi-use stick can be used on your eyes, lips and cheeks for a soft, glowy, monochromatic look. It holds some shimmer so it is also perfection for the upcoming holidays. 


0.155oz  A perfect size for all your travel needs!

"100% vegan, no animal testing and made without the nasty bad-for-you stuff. Totally guilt-free." - e.l.f.  LOVE THAT!

Oh how I LOVE this
Canvas Tote

I collect bags like some

collect shoes and hats.


I mean I LOVE THEM! So every Box du Jour HAS to have an element of a carry all and this one! THIS ONE!!!! 

I also have a deep love for a polka dot. Always have. When I found this tote, again at the big box store, I grabbed it for myself. Everything about it I loved. Navy polka dots, canvas, ivory background, the size, 


I grabbed mine to be my carryon for my Spring trip to NYC and France and it was perfect. I used it for my "personal item" because it easily fit under my seat and I could access what I needed with ease. (I adore function.)

When it came time to think about the best bag for you in this new Box... it all came clear. You too needed this awesome carryall!

For the Road Trip I was on, this became my Daily Bag as my Mama and I were living out of our trunk for the 19-day trip and rather than unloading my suitcase each night, I just popped what I needed into my trusty bag and easy peasy, done!

Style Factor is huge with this "made in the USA" tote. It holds a ton, it's strong, and it goes with any outfit while running around. 

She is a classic! While I bought mine local in Green Valley, yours came from the road in Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico. And I really LOVE that!

That time I went to the Prison Shop.
The famous

Montana State Prison

Braided Horse Hair

Key Fob

Oh there is SUCH a story about these awesome artisan key fobs..

I wrote a blog post specifically 

about them!


But let's just talk uniqueness, quality, fab and function... oh! And yes, made by a current inmate using his talents for something awesome, creating a positive change in his life. I LOVE that!

I adored the search for these for you! There is one of each and 1st claimed gets their fave!

A Sweet Taste of Summer ... Anytime! 

Wild Huckleberry Jam

Locally made at the foothills of the Glacier Mountains it's a little treat for your toast! 

Wild Huckleberry Jam! 

I'd make shortbread cookies and have this be the jammy center. Mmmm! Yes, please! 

No Bull,

Totally Worth The Calories

Buffalo Cookie Cutter

I was so excited to find these while inside Yellowstone National Park. Not your general ginger man... these just screamed Old West Fun!


Oh! I'm also sending you a GREAT recipe for Chai Spice Cookies that my Mama makes every holiday. Couldn't be more perfect for this Buffalo.


I recommend chocolate frosting for that total Bison vibe! 

From the forest floor of the Continental Divide
Three Wee Pine Cones

Well, it's true. My Uncle Terry's cabin is located at Roger's Pass above Lincoln, MT. on the Continental Divide. I was super blessed to spend a week at his cabin (and we are talking generator, wood stove, propane stove and haul in your own water remoteness). So while strolling through nature I saw these sweet wee pine cones and immediately thought, "I want these in my Box!"

I wanted to bring to you a little bit of deep Montana Nature and this gorgeous place I was at. Place these on your desk and take a mini break in the day to tune into nature and the scent of a deep forest. 

A Change of Mood Maker

Santa Fe Sage

Santa Fe Sage makes the perfect smudge stick to change your vibe anytime as needed. I found these small smudge sticks while in Santa Fe and I knew they were a great big YES for our Box. 

Smudge out the vibes you no longer need and freshen your room with these hand-gathered herbs. 

You HAD to have something from Santa Fe! Now you do.

Box Du Jour - Frontier Style


Ooooh! I have BONUSES too!

Along the road I found more treasures, sometimes enough for everyone, sometimes just a few. I call these bonuses because I adore YOU!


Your "Off The Road"
Cocktail Coaster

What's a Road Trip with out some fun stay overs?! 

My favorite was The Raton Pass Motor Inn located in the 
foothills of the Rockies at 6700 ft. in New Mexico. 

"Home of  Vintage Cool". Every room is themed, vintage inspired and super 
comfy. Headed out West?! Take a load off and
 let your nostalgic vibe 


Why not have a cold one while you plan your next trip... you have a coaster! :) 

BONUS for the 1st 

"2" Boxes claimed!


Handmade Montana Sweet Grass Soap


I found these at the Lewis and Clark Museum in my Mama's hometown of Great Falls, MT. 

Oh the scent of sweetgrass blended with olive, corn and coconut oil and water from the Sulpher Springs right near Great Falls. Handmade locally in Vaughn, MT.


Fab stuff! And a bonus for the 1st two Box Du Jours spoken for!



For the 1st "3" Boxes 

A mini Chile Ristra 

from Hatch. New Mexico. 

A tradition in the Southwest, a chile ristra is a beautiful and festive decoration. It's also a great way to dry chiles and use the spices in recipes. I fell in love with these mini ones and grabbed one for each of the first "3" Boxes claimed!



An "Advice From"... Magnet!

I found these at the Grand Teton National Park. I giggled the moment I saw them and fell in love with the actual wisdom of each. There is one of each and 1st claimed gets 1st choice for the first "3" Box Du Jours. 


For the 1st "6" Boxes 

A beautiful hand-selected agate.


Such a special stone found in the riverbeds of the Old West.  These agates had me feeling like a pioneer as I adventured  "WAY off the dirt road" to a shop/home outside of Helena, MT. 

The gentleman only had 6 so I bought them all for my 1st "6" Boxes claimed. 

I adore agates! I adore YOU!

Grab Your Box and SCORE those Bonuses! 

Box Du Jour - Frontier Style


To All Your Frontiers...

 familiar and new!



Have a question? Reach out!

xo Katherine