I’m Katherine Carey.

Free Spirit, Statement Maker, Global Entrepreneur.

Ideal lifestyle is what drives me.

What does that mean? Well, simply put...it is a quality of life. For myself this means spending time with those I love, a.k.a. Mi Madre in Arizona, or Besties in NYC or France. Also satisfying my taste for wanderlust/experiencing the world from road trips to long plane flights and doing my business from wherever I am while highlighting and helping as many small businesses I come across as possible.

I am a Creative Leader.

I believe in major leaps of faith. I believe in creative solutions and strategies. I believe in my own dreams and the dreams others hold and I believe it is essential to follow one’s heart.

I always follow mine. Always.

I am a milliner


I design hats that bring on people’s best moments. I design for people to shine. I level people up by topping off their style. I create kick-ass chapeaux.


For reals.

For fricking reals.

I travel.

I am in love with the world. I date culture. I am in a personal relationship with wanderlust.

I value the experience, the lifestyle and the groove of where I am

at the time.