“Everything you can imagine is real.” 


Custom Hat Consultations

Tell me about the hat of your dreams.



A Personalized Custom Hat Consultation is perfect if you have desired a hat that you don't see on the current menu. Perhaps it's a special occasion coming, or a hat I have made in the past that you can't get out of your mind. It might even be that you want to start wearing hats but aren't sure what hat to get?!

First, I recommend just emailing me. Please send me your ideas, questions, and/or pictures/inspo HERE. I can do a lot via email, and it doesn't cost a thing for you. 

However, if you prefer to connect 1:1 to discuss your hat desires, then you'll want to book a consultation.


We will get to the heart of your needs, and I will guide you to the best options for you. If you choose to move forward with a hat option within 14 days, the $100 fee will be used to credit your new hat.

Please note: While I do love a great inspiration, as a professional I will not copy another designer's hat.


If you have any questions about choosing to experience a Personal Custom Hat Consultation, please reach out.

Book a Consultation

Details about the consultation

You do not have to book a consultation to request a custom hat. This offering is here for you if you feel like you need that personalized one-to-one experience in making your choice.


  • When you purchase your consultation, you will receive a link to a calendar to book your appointment at a convenient date and time for you. 

  • Call length:  30 min via Zoom (Don't worry if you haven't used Zoom before, I'll walk you through the whole process.)

  • Cost: $100 which is applicable to your purchase if ordered within 14 days of the consultation.

  • After our consultation, I will email you notes, price, and any sketches or material choices that you would need to finalize your choice.

What if I need more than one consultation for a hat I want?

Each consultation will need to be booked separately here. 

You cannot accrue multiple consultation fees to pay for your hat. Only one fee of $100 per hat is applicable. The 14-day ordering period will begin after the most recent consultation giving you the maximum time to make your decision.

I highly recommend that you reach out via email for any questions after your initial consultation. We can easily and efficiently work out the details needed much faster.