Special Box Du Jour pricing available through March 1st or while supplies last. Whichever comes first. xoxo

Box Du Jour - Royalty Boss Babe

Royalty Boss Babe.JPG

She knows what's what, all about protocol, due diligence diva, keeps her composure, and fiercely protective. 
A.K.A. Lisbet. 

What's inside:

The look.JPG

Classic Elevated! Very limited and super wearable.

Poly blend


lightweight, easy fit

available in size 12, 14*, 16, 18*, 20 * These sizes are available but will ship out in approx. 2 weeks. 

Value: $45

Lisbet front.JPG

The Lisbet Nude Velvet Headband

The Easy Does It


Take neutrals to the max with this padded velvet headband, up the luxury, and command the Zoom. 

One size fits all. Comfy and stylish.


Value: $36 

Blush Scarf.png

Multi-functional silky fabulousness! 


Size: 27.6" x 27.6" Square

100% poly

Value: $36

Wrislet in Rose.jpg

The Wealth Stash
Wrislet in Rose

You have to keep all that wealth somewhere, am I right? 

Length 7.9"

Width 0.4"

Height 3.9"
Faux leather

Value: $18

The Blush Of Success Scarf


When we want everything exactly the way we want it! 
For keeping your styling of the scarf in place.

I'll choose one for you.

Gift with Scarf purchase

bobby pin.jpg

1 Precisely Aligned Bobby Pin

Who doesn't want to be aligned? eep that scarf in place when wearing as a headband. Or just add a little bling when sending out that next invoice. 


Gift with Scarf purchase


1 Pin Point It 

Scarf Pin

Lisbet and bag.JPG

1 Always Ready Satchel

Success means you are ready for it. This floral satchel is a gift that comes with a Headband purchase. Roll it up and stash it in your bag, and you'll always be prepared for the surprising abundance of the day.

In style!

Value: $12

pink wristlet.JPG

Total value: $147

Royalty Boss Babe Box Du Jour price: $115


s/h Domestic $8 / International $14

Special Box Du Jour price available through March 1st or while supplies last. Whichever comes first. xoxo