My Vibe:


  • Work From Wherever   "Office du Jour"

  • Be A Pro

  • Up Your Style Factor

  • Follow Your Heart 

  • Take The Leap!

  • Rinse n Repeat! 



My Gift To You!

End one decade... embrace a new!

It's A Brand New Chapter

Self Retreat

Accept the gift of taking a pause and reflecting on what has shaped you this past decade. With prompts and nudges and a private Facebook group to give you extra support, gift yourself a day of Retreat and get your vision on! 


You'll receive:

  • Two emails.

  1. One with retreat details: a materials list, what to expect, along with a gentle guideline of how to structure your retreat.

  2. A second email that has replay calls (x3) and chat logs from the Style Kat It's A Brand New Chapter Virtual Mini Retreat held on December 28th. Get a real feel of the energy around our recent retreat (dang! you just missed it! But that's okay!) You can experience our Zoom calls and let them help and guide you along your journey. 

  • Access to our private Facebook group for sharing and support. See the results of this group of amazing women and share yours as well.



It's a Self Retreat where you are not all alone. You have support and I look forward to seeing what shifts for you! 



Happy New Year!


Say a BIG YES to Yourself!

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