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The Hat Of The Season

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This versatile style is the perfect midsize fedora for a great everyday look and addition to your lifestyle.
Made of fur felt in either a smooth finish (great for older climates) or a velour finish (perfect for colder weather). Brim is a raw edge allowing you to play with it however you are feeling that up. Grosgrain trim in a complimenting color to provide maximum wearability from casual errands to a night out on the town. Trust me, this will be your go-to fave all through the seasons. 




Suggested colors: Alabaster (shown here), Charcoal Grey, Mink (Taupe), Brandy, Chocolate, Dark Navy, or Black

Ribbon color will be a tonal shade (in the same color family) as felt color. For Alabaster I'll reach out and you can choose the hand-dyed blush (shown here) or taupe.


Available as shown in a 5 1/2" crown height OR 5" if you prefer a slightly lower crown. 
Brim: 3" in the front gradually decreasing to 2 1/2" in the back. 
Trim is 2" petershams grosgrain (shown in sample: this one is hand-dyed to a light blush). 

Reach out with any questions, I'm here to help. 

FW 21 colors.png

Suggested Best Colors shown left to right: Alabaster, Mink, Chocolate, Brandy, Charcoal, Dark Navy

Smooth Finish Fur Felt
or three interest-free monthly payments of
$132 + S/H split.
Velour Finish Fur Felt
or three interest-free monthly payments of
$142 + S/H split.

For all orders, I will contact you via email for head size and color information. 

The Back Story of
The Easy Does It Fedora

As always, the Hat Of The Season is my new personal fave on my head! For me, this hat started by wanting an Alabaster/Winter White fedora. I had wanted this color in my wardrobe since the beginning of summer when I began to add more creams, ivories, and off-whites into my style mix. I knew I'd want to carry that palette into the following seasons because they have become my favorite pieces to wear. 


So I got the felt (mine is in smooth finish fur felt), and I began to play. I started by creating a felt version of a style I made last spring that had a crosspiece ribbon and two feathers crossed in the center of the front with a whip-stitched wired edge. The hat was lovely ... but it wasn't "my" hat. It wasn't the vibe, energy, spirit of what I wanted to wear for an everyday go-to hat... and that IS what I wanted. A grab-n-go style that will have me feeling fabulous, confident, and protected any day of the week for any errand to event moment. 


So I took the hat apart. I began deconstructing it, stitch by stitch. I removed the decorative edge, the ornate trim, and the wire that kept the hat in one shape. I reblocked the brim, thought about how I wanted the brim to look, and began cutting. First, longer in the front at the perfect 3" width, gradually getting shorted in the back to a perfect 2 1/2" brim. 


I chose a tonal approach to the trim, and in the process of hand-dying a white petershams grosgrain ribbon to compliment the felt, I managed to create the softest of pale blush, and then I just fell in love completely. 


The ribbon itself wanted to be as effortless as the brim had become. However, it was too fussy with the traditional millinery bow crosspiece. So instead, the desire was to use a piece of the ribbon thread itself to tie the pinch together, then stitched in hidden spots to keep this whispery look in place and a frayed raw edge that holds its own luminescence. 

I love that I can play with the brim and create multiple different looks depending on how I want to feel "that day." 

What I ended up with was exactly what I wanted for The Hat Of The Season, effortless elegance, ultra-versatile, subtle but effective high style, and totes, easy does it all the way. 

Enjoy! I am that's for sure!  


xo Katherine