The Style Kat Promise 

I'll show you how to take your big ideas,


grow a covey of raving fans


and turn them into loyal clients!

Inspired Actions to turn Your

Ideas Into Income!

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Your Kickstart Chat

You can't know the inspired possibilities in store for you if you don't have a peek inside. 

I recommend this step as your starting point. You have nothing to lose and yet EVERYTHING to gain.

So book your chat with me and we will get right to the heart leaving you with "at least" one clear step to take forward. 

Small investment in yourself (to flex those "Invest in You" muscles) of $30 gives you:


  • A Deep Dive Up-To-Date Assessment

  • 40 min. chat via zoom

  • At least one clear step forward

  • Options for further support

  • Initial cost applied to additional support

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You Have To Step Up To See The View. 

I'm Here To Help You Do Just That!

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Get 'Er Done So You Can Make Those Sales

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They need somewhere to go and BUY! DM's and PayPal links work in a pinch, but if you wanna be PRO... you need a good landing page. I got ya! I'll show you, step by step how to get that landing page up and live so you can make sales NOW!


  • Video

  • Workbook with links

Investment: $55




If you want more sales, you need MORE Calls To Action! It's the best way to turn your "followers" into clients. I'll show you hands on how to create your CTA ready for launching...

and we actually launch it! Canva is an AMAZING tool... come have fun with it!


  • Video

  • Workbook with links

Investment: $55


Start using Zoom to sell! I'll show you how to take your course or tutorial from Zoom recording to saving and uploading to Youtube (Vimeo same concept). From there we head to Canva to make a branded thumbnail and add the video to a course product via Wix. 


  • Video

  • Workbook with links

Investment: $55

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Inspired Action Mode


Part D.I.Y./ Part Supported Accountability

Weekly support in a monthly format and DIY setting that gets you moving forward, showing up and shining to impact your business in an inspired way.

Half the challenge is knowing just what to do! This takes the guessing work out of it so your focus can be on DAILY Inspired Action! It's time to move your business forward... today! 

A rotating month of Inspired Action straight to your inbox:

  • 3x a week (M,W,F)  I.A.M. emails with Inspired Action prompts.

  • Videos in each email that dive deeper into that prompt.

  • Accountability and Support via private Facebook group (stay as long as you like).

  • Monthly rotation (meaning you receive the I.A.M. as long as you like) to keep you motivated for as long as you like.

Investment: $222
or two monthly payments of $125 for a total of $250.

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The Viability Workshop

You want to live your dream? You want to see your business soar? I tell you truthfully, what can take you from where you are to the top of a peak is, in fact, Inspired Action. 

It's answering the questions, creating the plan and then taking the action. Otherwise, you have simply a book of day dreams. 

I'm a leap taker and those leaps have led my business to bigger and better every time. Leaping IS an act of Inspired Action. 

The Inspired Action Workshop is us rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands into the mix of your business. You taking focused viable steps forward today!​

Questions will be answered: Is you product and/or service viable? How could you improve? Are your prices bringing you profit? How can you sell even more? How will your work be presented? How can this be scaled up?


The Inspired Action Workshop focuses on getting your viability high and your work showcased in the most successful way. 

Here's how your Inspired Action Workshop works: 

  • 1:1 60 minute virtual workshop via zoom. We go into the ins and outs of your business and create a clear ​strategy to have you moving forward. 

  • You receive an Inspired Action Plan via google docs for you to work from after call. 

  • Light email support for 30 days to help answer any questions or feedback.

I will email you to set up the best date and time for your workshop.

Investment: $333

or two monthly payments of $175 for a total of  $350
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The VIP Accelerator!


It's all about "I just HAVE to have it! "  

Your clients exclaiming this because you are taking that amazing talent you behold and sharing it in a way that your perfect crowd responds with a YES!

When you are leaping to your next level you need support. Consider this accelerator a parachute. You leaping with confidence, guidance and VIP support. 

1:1 VIP Deep Support Accelerator For An Entire Season To Get Your Ideas Into Income!​

  • Bi-weekly 60 minute 1:1 Strategy Sessions for 3 months. (7 sessions in total)

  • A monthly Inspired Action Plan to work from. New Action Plan & Accountability Tracker each month to support your growth.

  • Weekly email prompts and check-ins to help keep you on track and provide accountability.

  • Email support in-between session

  • A true behind-the-scenes peek 

  • Resource guide and recorded tutorials as needed 

  • Recordings of all sessions 

  • BONUS: 1 60 min. 1:1 SOS CALL to use whenever you need it

Investment: $2200 USD

or 6 monthly payments of $400 for a total of $2400

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