"Style is primarily a matter of instinct." 


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Introducing The Hat Of The Season
FW '21-'22

The Easy Does It Fedora 

Update: Orders are now closed for this hat. 



Just the same way we change our looks throughout the week, this hat can also change its look. Talk about a style essential!

Shown here in "Signature Alabaster" with a hand-dyed Barely Blush grosgrain trim.


Introducing The Easy Does It Fedora, a versatile, effortless, on-point, and mood-lifting hat. This hat is all about you, from the luxury experience of having a hat made-to-order per your head size and style choices to one that gives you more than one way to wear it. Of course, be prepared for compliments because they will happen (and often). Why not choose an unexpected color for your wardrobe and let this hat lead the way all season long. 
Available in 16 inspired palettes to style your daily whim.
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Need some help choosing?


  • Hat made-to-order per your head size

  • Choice of smooth finish fur felt (as shown here - perfect for Fall and milder climates) or velour fur felt (great for colder winter weather) 

  • Choice of crown height - 5 1/2" (shown here) or 5" if you are very petite.

  • Brim - 3" in front gradually decreasing to 2 1/2" in back

  • Trim is 2" petershams grosgrain complimenting tonally with felt choice unless otherwise requested. For Alabaster, the ribbon is a hand-dyed soft blush, as shown here. Order as "Signature Alabaster".

  • 16 color combos available.



$365 for Smooth Finish

$395 for Velour Finish

Cash-flow friendly: Available in an interest-free split-pay of three monthly payments.


FREE - Local pick-up from my Green Valley, Arizona studio
$35 - Domestic $35 - ships UPS ground with tracking
$45 - International - ships USPS ground


Orders must be placed no later than Wednesday, November 3rd. Thank you.
This is the last order of the year for made-to-order hats. 

Order your Easy Does It Fedora below.

For payment plans: clicking on your payment plan choice will take you directly to the checkout where you can follow the prompts and put in your info. I will email you once you have ordered and find out your head size and color choices. 

Please reach out to me at info@katherinecarey.com if you need any help with this process. 

Your credit/debit card will be charged on the same day for three consecutive months. Your hat will go into immediate production and be shipped to you in 3-4 weeks. 

Smooth Finish Fur Felt
or three interest-free monthly payments of
$122 + S/H split.
Velour Finish Fur Felt
or three interest-free monthly payments of
$132 + S/H split.
How do I order?
  • First, you want to measure your head. There is a video at the bottom of this page that shows you how. Made-to-measure hats come in sizes 20" - 24".

  • Next, click on the tab above that works for you. A choice of either smooth finish or velour finish, whether we are shipping or if you are picking up locally, and whether you'd prefer to pay in full or prefer the cash-friendly payment plan. 

  • Follow the prompts on the ordering page.

  • Once you have ordered I will be in touch via email to confirm your head size and color choice.

  • Hats take 3-4 weeks for production and you will receive an email with a photo of your hat just before shipping. 

What's the difference between a smooth finish or a velour finish?

All felt used for this hat are rabbit fur felt. Rabbit fur felt is a high-quality, durable material that makes your hat of heirloom quality... something that can be worn often and eventually passed down in years to come. 

Smooth Finish is lighter in weight, so this is perfect if you live in a milder climate (like the Southwest, West Coast, or the South in general.) Places where winter has a nip but isn't necessarily snowing daily. This is also great for the Northerners and East Coasters too. Perfect for fall days and early spring when you still want some warmth but with a lighter feel.


Smooth Finish is not made for walking in the rain or snow. For those sorts of days, I recommend the velour.

Velour Finish is plush and lush and has this gorgeous velvety finish to it. I adore velour. This is such an ideal choice if you live where the winters are real. Meaning snow, super cold temps, and real weather (as opposed to where I live now in Arizona). 

Velour Finish is a warmer hat. It's also pretty darn good if you are caught outdoors in the weather (hint: New Yorkers). I've worn velour all through my years in NY, and it wears beautifully. I still have my majority of F/W hats in velour because I love them so much. 

So really it gets down to what you are missing in your wardrobe, what your temps are like, and what will serve you best. Personally, my inner temperature is running hot these days so I chose the Smooth Finish and I am loving it! 

Reach out if you need help deciding. info@katherinecarey.com

Can I return a hat?

All hats are final sales. Unfortunately, I am unable to accept returns for hats. Would you please reach out when ordering if you have any questions or concerns? After you order, I will contact you via email to confirm your measurements and color choices.


Every measure is made to create the hat you desire in your personal head size and choices. In addition, there is an adjustable head-sweat inside to provide a truly custom fit. 

For more information on my policies and procedures, please head HERE.

Orders must be placed no later than Wednesday, November 3rd. Thank you.
Watch below how to measure your head.
Need Help Ordering?
Here's my right-brain way of showing you the left-brain details of how to order your Easy Does It Fedora. Of course, reach out if you need more help. xo info@katherinecarey.com