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Weekly Road Trip Updates from Arizona to Montana to New Mexico and Home! (When I have WIFI)

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In The Blog: 

  • Moving Forward -  Take A Leap... Then What Happens?

  • Road Trip Style - How to pack for a 19 day on-the-road experience/ Seriously, What To Wear! ​ - COMING SOON

The Desert Life:

  • History of the Sobaquera - Yes! Those HUGE tortillas!

  • My Grandma Cuca's Recipe for Refried Beans  - make the ultimate bean burro


  • Ten Ways To Show Up In Your Business... Wherever You Are... Especially When Traveling!

I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.

– Walt Whitman


These Gals are headed on a Road Trip! 

We are off to visit my Mama's Homeland of Montana. We have hot springs to dip into, mountain cabins to stay in, state lines to cross, Brothers, Uncles, Aunties, and Cousins to see, cocktails to drink, antique shops to visit, truck stops to eat at, national parks to wander through, local art to experience, lakes to get in, lightening storms to watch, and, oh yeah... New Goods to pick up for a Fresh New Style Kat Box Du Jour coming this Fall! 

Pop back here to see the latest updates and reviews along the way. We'll be checking in to new locations and checking out the best of the best and also what's not worth the energy

Take off is Wednesday, August 7th, from Green Valley, Arizona. Returning Sunday, August 25th. 



Big Horizons Tour 2019








New Mexico


August 7 - 25, 2019



Can't remember

what day it is.

(A very good sign)

Just came down from a mountain and being completely off the grid for a week. Amazing peace! 

Oh there is much to share but for this very moment...here is where I have landed.

Flathead Lake, Montana.
Oh. My. Peace.



Catch the latest pics from this epic Road Trip via Instagram @stylekat.life


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I absolutely love when I find a great garment. Last Spring I found myself in the Midi-Pyrénées, France. My all-time favorite outdoor market there is the Marché de Mirepoix. Everything from fresh fromage et pan, to jewelry, garments and scarves! 


Photos: That first day when I fell in love with my new go-to uniform.


International Small Business - Domi et Moi 

There is a merchant there I adore named Domi. He has superb taste and purchases "off" lots of garments either from the Paris markets or Barcelona. So when my Bestie, Jenni P, who lives in the area took me to the market and I saw Domi, I was thrilled because this year he had these!

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Highlight: The Style Kat Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style

Familia . Heritage . Style.

My Pops grew up in Tucson so we came from Southern California each summer to visit all the familia. Certain things were always present and absolutely became Arizona staples. I'm now living here and loving that I have access to these delights

Great food mixed with great style and a ton of fun.

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Highlight: Sobaqueras! 

Dang! That's a HUGE Tortilla!

So I wanted to find the true definition of a Sobaquera... I went straight to Wikipedia and this is what came up:

Sobaquera is a wheat flour and water tortilla, also known as "large tortillas", or "water". It has recently been called a sobaquera omelette derived from the fact that at the beginning of the 19th century the people who made them had the belief that with the sweat of the armpit (regional term tobacco) they had a better taste. Sobaquera is an equivocal term, which refers to a mode of preparation in which the "sobacos" or armpits of the tortilla allegedly intervened. It is false, because they are made by hand, with unique expertise and special care using the hands and the lower part of the arms. It is a dough preparation of wheat flour, water and salt, which has a circular and flattened shape with an approximate diameter of about 40 to 60 cm. It is native to the northern region of the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Señora preparando tortillas sobaqueras en Hermosillo, Sonora

Lady preparing tortillas sobaqueras in Hermosillo, Sonora

Video clip courtesy of: madolf01    Published on Oct 30, 2011

Spotlight: St. Mary's Sobaqueras!

You get a 1/2 dozen of these babies in your Style at Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style!

Now this is a tortilla!

Extra large flour tortillas from the one and only St. Mary's Tortilla Factory. (Well really it's St. Mary's Mexican Food...but they make these tortillas on site and we all go there specifically for their "large" tortillas). 


You are getting a 1/2 dozen, bought freshly made and then frozen immediately so that they come to you perfectly. You’ll also get a small recipe card with my favorite ways to use these tortillas. 

Think Burros, Quesadillas, Mexican Eggs. 

Think hot with butter! 

These are the real deal, made with lard and the envy of all your friends who don't know where to buy them! You may or "may not" want to share these. Just saying!

Photo:The maker himself! 


The Style Kat Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style comes with a 1/2 dozen handmade Sobaqueras, bought fresh and then immediately frozen so that when they arrive to you they are ready to enjoy. 

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Recipe: Frijoles!

My Grandma Cuca's Frijoles!

Recipes recorded by mi Madre and turned into a book called Cuca's Cocina.

Frijoles (Beans)

For 1 pound dried pinto beans, use 6 cups of water. Pick through and discard any bad or broken beans. Wash thoroughly, drain and place in pan. The beans, when cooked, will almost triple in volume so choose a pan accordingly. Measure water and pour over beans. Cover and leave on stove, without heat, overnight. Next day, remove cover, bring beans to a boil; let boil two minutes, cover again and let stand without heat for one hour (this prevents the beans from having hard skins and from souring). 

At this point you can add 3-4 friend red chiles, stemmed and cleaned (optional). DO NOT add salt yet since it will make the beans tough. Bring to a boil and simmer until tender, 1 1/2 to 2 hours covered. Beans are done when they mash easily with the back of a spoon. Add 2 tsp salt per pound of beans at this point. One pound of dried will yield 6 cups cooked. Leftover beans freeze very well. 

Frijoles Refritos (Refried Beans)

4 cups cooked beans

1/4 cup oil, bacon fat, or lard

1 cup shredded yellow cheese

1/3 cup milk

Heat fat in heavy fry pan. Add beans and when they begin to bubble, mash them with a potato masher. Add milk and cook, stirring often until smooth. Just before serving, add cheese and stir until melted.

* If you have grabbed your Style Kat Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style, you have the AMAZING St. Mary's XL Tortillas in your cucina and/or on route! Create The Best Bean Burro Ever by rolling a tortilla in a paper towel and pop into the microwave for 20 seconds. (This loosens up the fold). Unfold gently and place a generous spoonful of frijole refritos in the center, wrap up tucking ends in the wrap... enjoy that!

Photo: My Grandma, Refugia Carmen Cocio (Cuca, as she was fondly called) with my Pops, George and Auntie, Myrtle. xoxo


This season it's all about taking those Big Leaps and what happens... after.

Moving Forward.

Once You Leap ... Where Do You Land?

What exactly happens when you Take A Leap?!

I thought since I have freshly landed from a very recent, very high leap, that it's a perfect time to talk about just that. What exactly happens when you take a leap?

It's one thing to be way up on the ledge deciphering, and takes heaps of courage to actually take the leap...but what happens after? 

Do you land like this little one and bounce off the leaves below kinda of acting like "no big deal"... or do you land and feel a little bruised, tender and disoriented?

GRATIS: A Gift for You! 

Here to help you keep in touch and on point when you are traveling.



10 Simple Ways To Show Up In Your Business…

Wherever You Are... Especially When Traveling.