Let's take your passion, your talent, your idea and get that making you income! 

It's one thing to dream big, it's another to take Inspired Actions towards those dreams. Inspired Action brings Income. Simple. So let's take those ideas off the shelf and into the marketplace.

I can help you!


For reals.

This is a non-fluff-n-puff intensive. It is created for those who already have a product or service that they are ready to take to the next level. Or for those that may not yet have brought their idea into fruition but have the deepest fire lit inside them to do so and do it NOW! For those that know going PRO means "It's gonna take work", because, frankly, it is. 

It's for those who may be afraid or apprehensive towards words like listed below, but who are WILLING to get over it and literally get on with it:

  • sales

  • marketing

  • making offers

  • closing the deals

  • production style working

  • being a selling artist

  • customer service

  • getting the "yes!"

  • nurturing clients

  • promoting... yourself

  • showing up

  • putting together the full package

  • creating a clear branding message

  • investing in yourself

Because here is the thing Babe:

You HAVE to Make Friends with ALL of the Above in order to become a PRO and GET Your Ideas Into Income

It's so utterly important. So the individuals I can help are ready, willing, and able to get over their own stuff and get into the marketplace. 

It's not all hard core at all, it's actually quite fun when you become friends with your inner PRO. However, bear in mind, this isn't a program to get you comfortable with that list. I am not wanting to spend your time & investment re-wording the above phrases to fit your personal preferences. There is no problem for wanting to call something different name, but when we come together, I will be using the words that I know are clear, hold power, are universally understood and the dialect of a total PRO, which I am and which I am speaking to you as, being the PRO you are.  This is a program to get you maximizing that list and getting it to start working FOR you. That's what Ideas Into Income is ALL about! 


Isn't it time to see that talent of yours maximized? To see those supplies that fill your studio, craft room, second bedroom maximized and turned into profit? To see all of those skills, certificates and courses actually bring in income?

In this 3-month deep supported program you'll be taking inventory of everything and turning it into product/services for sale! 

It's going to be about editing, fine-tuning, streamlining and feeling the inspiration of seeing and selling your work in a way that has you prepped to hire help sooner than later. 

That's the thing babe. I can speak from my own experience that setting up the systems from the get-go to be able to bring in help later is going to make the difference between you being a glorified hobbyist to a total PRO sellable artist.

I'm not saying that if you don't hire helpers than you
aren't a PRO. What I am saying is that it's about thinking in terms of growth. Because a vibrant, selling, product-based business requires a LOT of product. Be that high end luxury or modestly priced items. Either way, the more you have the more you have to sell and you can't scale up single handily.

Well, you certainly can try but there will come a time when it's either level up or bow out simply because physically it's too much for one person to handle. 


3 Month Deep Support to get your idea off the ground and into your client's lives.

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It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



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