Supporting Your Success Strategically


Oh those times!

You know them! The times where you feel like your back is to the wall, you may feel like you are spinning, or you've made all this progress just to end up coming around the same mountain AGAIN... or maybe you just have a question about a next step or what to do.

Love, you are ready for a Strategy Session!

Let's. Do. This.


Are you an Entrepreneur?

  • Clarify a strategic way forward for your business.

  • Strategically create a schedule that allows for you to have a life as well.

  • Learn to cut out what isn’t serving you.

Are you a Maker?

  • Get clear ideas of how to streamline your product production.

  • Get real life advice on how to approach stores and handle yourself professionally.

  • Clarity on making sales and customer service techniques

  • Polish your product presence online and in person.

Are you a Milliner?

  • Get strategic plans to up your production.

  • Learn where to get your supplies and how it works for you wherever you live.

  • Get clear on how to approach stores.

  • Clarity on how to deal with clients that has them feeling elite and you feeling satisfied.

  • Learn how to grow your business online.

  • Clarity on leveling up your product and maximizing your strengths.

Are you a

Part-Time Creative wanting to go Full-time?

  • Strategically devise a plan of action that will lead you on your quest.

  • Clarify options that come with clear steps.

  • Level up your product with strategic shifts in how you do what you do.

Just starting out?

  • Get clarity on the best first step forward.

  • Streamline into your Power Attributes and run with them.

  • Strategically take action with what works best and cut out what isn’t serving you.


I'm Katherine Carey.

I am a Lifelong Entrepreneur, Artist, Maker, Millinery Designer
 and Traveler.  


I get it.


I understand the ins and outs of running a business, especially as a solopreneur. Soup to nuts is my specialty.


Client love is my key.


I’m all about growing client relationships whether it is one on one through my website or relationships with my stockists. I understand the ebb and flow of negotiating and holding firm.

With years of making I’ve seen what works and what is ideal for product production and what needs to be cut.


I’m a sharpshooter when it comes to clarity. I’m all about you getting to the next level in your business, balanced with deep self care.


We all need someone to lean into and help us feel clear at times. This is my specialty and I’d love to help you level up and thrive.


Let's. Do. This.

Shall we?

What you can expect:

  • Prepare to hear straight up clarity.

Time is precious and your call is all about moving you forward. It can be intense but believe me when I say I am fierce for your success. So be ready.

  • Be ready to do the work.

It’s on you to make it real.

  • Be ready to lean into yourself.

Leaning in before launching. You’ll be answering questions from the heart and these will be the keys to your map.

  • Be prepared to see your prices raised.

If I had a great big banner flag for my camp it would be a Value Flag. Lowballing your way through life is not my jam. High value for you, high value for your clients is the win/win I go for.


Shall we go forward and kick some a$& together?


I got you.


You got this!

strategy session options:



Perfect for a strategic kick in the pants. Let’s get you going!

  • Pre-call Questionnaire download & email

  • 60 minute 1-1 Strategy Session via Zoom recorded

  • Post call Accountability Action Plan via email

  • Weekly email check-in for tracking progress

  • Unlimited email support for 1 month






When you are really ready to dive in and see a shift.

  • Pre-call Questionnaire download

  • 30 minute 1-1 Intro Call via Zoom to get to know each other and clarify your needs

  • 60 minute 1-1 Strategy Session via Zoom  recorded

  • Post call Accountability Action Plan via email (within 48 hours)

  • Check-In Questionnaire - 30 days later via email

  • Reply Accountability Action Plan via email


Duration of time expected:

Approximately 1 1/2 

months with Questionnaires, Calls and Action Plans delivered.





When you are ready for a true Champion in your corner and prepared to launch

your success.

  • Pre-call Questionnaire download

  • 30 minute Intro Call  1-on-1 via Zoom

  • 60 minute/1-on-1 Strategy Session via Zoom recorded

  • Post call Accountability Action Plan via email within 48 hours

  • Pre-Check-In Call Questionnaire - via email 30 days later

  • 60 minute/1-on-1 Check-In Strategy Session via Zoom recorded

  • Post call Accountability Action Plan via email within 48 hours.


Duration of time expected:

Approximately 1 1/2 - 2 months with Questionnaires, Calls. and Accountability Action Plans. 
PLUS BONUS CALL to use anytime...no expiration.





1/30 minute 1-on-1 Call

to use when needed

($197 value)

My gift to you as a BONUS with your

Next Level Success Strategy Bundle.


“This is happening

what do I do?!?”


We all have those moments. I get it.  The "What Now" Call is your BONUS Strategy Session to use when you are having one of those moments. There is no expiration on this call. It’s there when you need it.

When you're ready, reach out and schedule your call. We will make it happen within 72 hours so you get back on track and feeling like the Pro you are!


You will receive:

  • Pre-call questionnaire via email.

  • 30 minute Strategy Call: 1-on-1 via Zoom recorded.

  • Post Call Action Plan via email within 48 hours.


THE PRE-CALL QUESTIONNAIRE (Included in all packages):  

The purpose of the Pre-Call Questionnaire is to get ALL of your info prior to our 1-on-1 calls. I value your time and money and would rather spend our actual "call" time focusing solely on solutions to get you moving in the direction you desire. 

You will find questions that ask you about you, your hopes, your strengths, your current business, where you want your business to go and what feels like it's holding you back. 

You will receive a downloadable pdf version of the Questionnaire that you can print out and use as a journal prompt to track your own progress.

You will also receive an emailed version of the same Questionnaire. This is vital to fill out and send back to me within 48 hours BEFORE your call. This way I have ALL your details and once we get on a call, Babe, it's ALL about forward movement. Can't wait! 

THE 30 MINUTE INTRO-CALL (Map-It-Out and Next Level Success packages):

The purpose of the Intro-Call is truly a meet n greet. Both of these packages are deep level work that we will be doing together so it's vital to have a small intro session. We will go through your questionnaire and decipher what is the best use of your upcoming Strategy Session. Why? Well, in your questionnaire I do not want you to hold back. I want you to just lay it ALL out. Often this means there will be a large list of improvements and changes you may want to make in your business. Totally fine but for our Strategy Session we will want to pin point the MOST VITAL and move forward. We will sort all of this out before we get to the Strategy Sessions. 

THE STRATEGY SESSIONS (Included in all packages): 

Whether you have the 30 minute Inquiry Session or the 60 minute Map-It-Out or Next level Success Session... be prepared to dive in quick and deep. Your time is valuable and these are No-Messing-Around Sessions. I will ask that you come to them prepared: cleared schedule, phones silenced, dogs walked, kids and pets fed and you dressed up like the CEO you are. No lounge wear please. This is a strategic meeting of the minds to move YOU forward. Please come ready to honor this. I plan to come dressed for your success you should be uber dressed for your own success. 

You will receive ahead of time a list of items you may want to have on hand (or at the helm so to speak) so you won't have to be thinking about them. (Note pads, pens, calendars, etc.) 

All Strategy Sessions will be recorded so you can access your ideas and growth.

Please note, these sessions may be intense. We only have a short amount of time and we have BIG VISIONS for you. So it's no fuss, no lolly-gagging, dilly-dallying, shooting of the shite... we are diving right in. It's going to be awesome!

ACCOUNTABILITY ACTION PLANS (included in all packages): 

The Action Plans will arrive within 48 hours of your call via printable pdf  to your email inbox. I will be making these always a check list that is active so you can "check off" your progress and email it back to me for a loving witness of your sheer awesomeness. Welcome to the world of Accountability!

PRE-"CHECK-IN" CALL QUESTIONNAIRE (Map-It-Out and Next Level Success packages):

You'll be familiar with the Pre-Call Questionnaires by now. You'll receive a new one for the purpose of seeing how you are doing with your current Action Plan.


This will be sent 30 days after our 1st Strategy Session. Again, pour out your heart. Let me know what highs and lows are happening. The point of this Questionnaire is to really see where we may need to highlight or tweak your current plan of action. Again the pdf needs to be returned to me within 48 hours of our next session.

CHECK-IN STRATEGY SESSION CALL (Map-It-Out and Next Level Success packages):

This 1-on-1/ 60 minute Strategy Session is ALL about refining your current plan of action. Having the answers to your Questionnaire already means we are once again, holding hands and diving straight into the deep end.


What has been working... how can you maximize on this? What needs tweaking? What's totally worth tossing out? What's bubbled up lately? What's the next step and phase? These are the answers you will be receiving. It's the constant fine-tuning necessary to keep you moving forward successfully. 

Oh and you remember the drill: come prepared, empty that schedule, feed the kids and pets, dress up like a pro. You got this. I got you too!   

POST CALL ACCOUNTABILITY ACTION PLAN (Map-It-Out and Next Level Success packages):

This refined Action Plan will arrive within 48 hours of your call via printable pdf  to your email inbox. As before, this will be a pdf printable check list that is active so you can "check off" your progress and email it back to me to continue championing you on your awesomeness.

BONUS "WHAT NOW" CALL (Next Level Success Bonus):

This is a "When You Really Need It" 1-on-1/ 30 minute Strategy Session. For that moment that has you thinking, “This is happening what do I do?!?” 

No worries. You have a free bonus calling card to access. You only get one so you'll want to use it strategically but when you do use it you'll be familiar with the drill.


  1. You'll shoot me an email and let me know you want to use your bonus. We will schedule your Strategy Session within 72 hours (if this works for you) so that you are not waiting in this emergency state. 

  2. You'll instantly receive a Pre-Call Questionnaire to really let it all out and let me know what is going on... from every angle and side of the coin. Really dump it out on this Questionnaire. Our call is concentrated so the Questionnaire is where you can truly get all the info out so we can get you back on track.

  3. Send me back the Questionnaire pronto... I need it 48 hours BEFORE our Strategy Session so I can be fully prepared.

  4. Strategy Session Day, come prepared as always. I won't be asking you to explain what is happening (because you will have already done this via the Pre-Call Questionnaire.) We will dive deep from the get go about what is next to move you through this temporary phase. It will be recorded so you can catch everything we discuss in the 30 minute call. As before with ALL Strategy Sessions, come prepared, come dressed like a Pro and clear your calendar, etc.

  5. With in 48 hours after the call you will receive a new Accountability Action Plan. You know the drill. Now you are armed with the tools and stamina and can go out there and continue to kick butt. I will continue to champion you. 


The "What Now" Call is a SUPER COOL BONUS and I know you will use it wisely to maximize your amazingness. You totally deserve this! 

 Questions about any of these packages? REACH OUT HERE. I'm happy to help answer how these Strategy Session Packages can truly help you to thrive in your businesses. 


Here's to Your