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Summer 2019



Familia . Heritage . Style.

My Pops grew up in Tucson so we came from Southern California each summer to visit all the familia. Certain things were always present and absolutely became Arizona staples. I'm now living here and loving that I have access to these delights.

Great food mixed with great style and a ton of fun.

That is what comes in your Box du Jour - Sonoran Style!




Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style

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Your box comes with Tres Elements and all things come together for (at least) one great cocktail party with your friends or familia... and endless effortless style for you! 


  1. Somethings to wear in the summer heat.

  2. Somethings to eat - La Vida Sonorense. 

  3. Somethings to celebrate with.


Inside your Box du Jour - Sonoran Style, you'll receive:

your Style Factor

Big on the comfort. Huge on the style!

The Ultimate Travel Tunic!

Chic and Effortless 

Multi-Functional Style!


Southwest France meets

the Southwest!

It's the
 wonderfully gorgeous, perfect in the heat tunics I brought back from my recent European Tour.

Remember I said I bought the whole stock! I grabbed them because I KNEW that these were the best of the best and I was headed back for a Southern Arizona Summer (they call it a dry heat - I call it flames blowing in my face).


Head's Up! There is only ONE of each tunic left...choose your color and then choose your scarves!

— Name, Title

Whether you are running errands or hosting the cocktail party this Box Du Jour offers, you'll be effortlessly chic and OH SO COMFY in your new tunic.

Myself and a few of my clients have multiple 

tunics (they have become my daily uniform lately), and if you grabbed one from the La Vie Francaise Box... go for a solid or a stripe this time. 

Multiple uses... effortless style.

Pick your choice of Lightweight

Summer Scarf 


Southwest France and the U.S. Southwest are super similar in temps. So it makes sense that the style is similar too. 

Why a scarf? Well, when it is super hot outside a scarf can do a few things.

  1. Keeps you cool. It really does. Wrapped lightly around your neck the air has a place to travel. 

  2. Keeps you protected from the burn of the sun. For reals. Just a thin layer can block out those rays.

  3. You look superbly chic and effortlessly so. That's worth it right there!

    There's only 1 of each scarf so first know!

Dress It Up!

Choose your 

Southwestern Chic Scarf


These colors! 

Why a second scarf? Well, here's the thing... sometimes we gotta take it up a notch. After all your Sonoran Style Box Du Jour is giving you the makings for a fun and elegant Sonoran Cocktail Party. What better way to take it to the next level than a super chic, pigment rich satin scarf. 

Works great with most of the tunic choices but also consider pairing with a summer dress or wrap in your hair. 

Make a statement. That's always my vision for you!

your local food favorites

Ya gotta eat & drink! You're in Southern Arizona!

1/2 dozen Sonoran Style Sobaqueras


Meaning da BEST extra large flour tortillas from the one and only St. Mary's Tortilla Factory. (Well really it's St. Mary's Mexican Food...but they make these tortillas on site and we all go there specifically for their "large" tortillas).


You are getting a 1/2 dozen, bought freshly made and then frozen immediately so that they come to you perfectly. You’ll also get a small recipe card with my favorite ways to use these tortillas. 

Think Burros, Quesadillas, Mexican Eggs. 

Think hot with butter! 

These are the real deal, made with lard and the envy of all your friends who don't know where to buy them! You may or "may not" want to share these. Just saying!

Photo on the right is the maker himself! 
1030 W St Mary’s Rd, Tucson, AZ

Here's an article from the LA Times back in 2005 that, well, the title says it all:

Tortillas To Write Home About

A 5oz. bottle of da best

Poblano Hot Sauce


Made locally here in Tucson. My Pops went to high school with the son of the founder who then became the patriarch himself, so our family has ALWAYS had a bottle or three of Poblano in our kitchens. In all my years, 51 at this point, I have never found a better tasting hot sauce than Poblano. 


I am not kidding. Head here for an article from 2015 that shares the history of this Legendary Tucson Entrepreneur and his secret sauce. 

A salsa patriarch passes on his secret recipe

From the famous Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. in Tumacacori

Family owned small business in the desert, I LOVE visiting the Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. They have a small museum to the right hand side of their quaint store. Production happens in the back and at a small ranch up the mountain. The smell is AMAZING inside. 


I chose specific treats from this company for you. They have everything but I wanted truly local flavors for your Taste of Sonora so I went with the following...

A 2 oz. Chipotle Dip Mix
seasoning blend

Just add mayo and sour cream for a yummy dip (recipe included).


I love an easy authentic dip. And I adore the smoke from chipotle chilis. This is a win/win right here.


For a healthier version try mixing with plain greek yogurt. YUM! 

A 1 oz. packet

of the famous

Santa Cruz Chile Powder in your choice of

Mild or Hot.

You had to have their signature chili powder. I love this powder!

You’ll receive a recipe card courtesy of the Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co. with ideas for how to use your new chili powder.

I use mine when I make refried beans. Adds just the right “extra” to my kick a$% frijoles! 

Prickly Pear Margarita

Rimming Sugar

Drinks for four or rims for more.

Simply Stunning and Delicious!


Can be added into margarita itself (recipe included) or just rim the glass for a gorgeous drink (my preference).


Love the ingredients on this one: sugar, wild harvested prickly pear, and orange. That’s it.


Mi Madre's Best Margarita's Eveh Recipe! 

I. Mean. Really! Just the best of the best! 

your fiesta supplies


just for kicks

You are officially set up for a fun and festive fiesta for you and your Favorite Tres Amigos. 

A set of four

Saguaro Cactus

party paper plates.


So dang cute!

When I came across these there were only 24 left. I did the math and squealed with delight...Six Box du Jours...four plates each! Perfect as I had planned a party for four all along for you! So yes, you HAD to have these.


They are cardboard but personally I think if you use them for chips or some treats on the dry side you likely can wipe them clean and get more than one use from them. But even if it is just one use...these are the coolest party plates ever!

A set of four

"Birds in

Chile Fascinators"

cocktail napkins.



I had to. I HAD TO!


And ode to my love of headwear and birds and chiles and well, of course you had to have these.

They are fabulous!

 A set of four

hand blown glass

Cactus Cocktail

Stir Sticks from Mexico.

Get in the Laidback Desert Mindset whatever your mixed drink of choice!


These are just the coolest!


I adore glass stir sticks. When I found these ones with my two favorite cacti on them it was a MUST HAVE!

I adore a good theme and now you got 'em!

 Functional and fun. 

A small bouquet of teeny Mexican paper flowers...

so sweet.

I adore hand-made things and paper flowers are always something I appreciate and love.


When I find paper flowers I skip a beat in my heart. The colors and artistry always inspire. So yes, I found these and thought what’s better than regular Mexican paper flowers??


These miniature Mexican Paper Roses!


Perfect for your upcoming cocktail party as a decor...but also perfect to put in a pretty little vase on your desk or dresser. Handmade with care and super sweet.

A hand painted classic

Mexican Tin Cactus Ornament.

Of course, this is ideal for your holiday tree but how about as a little decor for your Sonoran Fiesta?! Hang from a vase for fun.


I love tin ornaments and this one is so fitting it had to be in your box.

One teensie Milagros Charm

Just because...teensie and you by now you know I adore teensie. I’ll pick one especially for you. 

All inside one classic

Madres Pattern Mexican Mercado Tote.

These are simply the best totes ever.


They last and last. I have some in my personal collection going on 20 years old now and they still have the color, strength and usability like they did when I bought mine from the same source I’m getting yours from.


You can't go wrong with any of these. Pick your fave while they last!

there's Only Six

Box Du Jours - Sonoran Style 



Your Exclusively Curated

Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style Includes:

  • The Ultimate Travel Tunic

  • A lightweight Southwest France Summer Scarf

  • A Southwest Chic Scarf

  • 1/2 dozen Sonoran Style Sobaqueras -from the one and only St. Mary's.

  • A 5oz. bottle of locally made Poblono Hot Sauce 

  • A 2oz. Chipotle Dip season blend

  • A 1oz. packet of the famous Santa Cruz Chile Powder in your choice of Mild or Hot.

  • Prickly Pear Margarita Rimming Sugar - drinks for four or rims for more

  • Recipes to make everything from the dip to the main course and the BEST margaritas!

  • A set of four Saguaro Cactus party plates.

  • A set of four "Birds in Chile Fascinators" cocktail napkins.

  • A set of four hand blown glass Cactus Cocktail Stir Sticks from Mexico.

  • A small bouquet of teeny Mexican paper sweet.

  • One teensie Milagros Charm

  • All inside one classic Madres Pattern Mexican Mercado Tote. 

$149. + S/H

While supplies last

*Domestic shipping only for this Box Du Jour. Apologies to my International Lovelies but it is too hot to send freshly "flash-frozen" tortillas in time for you to enjoy them.

Shipping/Handling is $25 for this Box.

Box Du Jour - Sonoran Style

Out of Stock

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