60 minute  .  1:1 Strategy Session
with Pre & Post Call Support
Special Get Yourself and your Business
Inspired & Progressing 
3 monthly payments of $109.

Ready to get yourself moving forward?

Inspired Action Tête-à-Tête is just this!

How's that start of your year going???

Need a bit of a boost?

A way to halt the spinning?

You don't have to feel lost. Let's re-group!

How about a 1:1 Brainstorm Kick Start?

I've got you! I'm offering you my 60 minute, 1:1 Virtual Deep Dive along with pre and post support to help kick start your from where you are right now.


Here's what comes in your Inspired Action Tête-à-Tête package:

  • You start with the Deep Dive Questionnaire. This is filled out online so that you can share your answers with me. This, of course, helps me to help you with keeping you on course towards your vision. I highly recommend that you dive as deep as possible and remember that this is a safe space because your transparency really will benefit you in this process. I give myself up to 48 hours to process your answers.

  • You also receive a downloadable/printable pdf version of the Deep Dive Questionnaire for your own journaling experience if you wish.

  • I may request a bit more information after reading through your answers. It's all part of the process and the pre-work is so important because the more info we have ahead of time, the more effective your call will be. I can share with you that my clients have felt very enlightened through the pre-call process. It's powerful on its own.

  • If you have several ideas for what you want to shift in your life or business, I will give you up to three customized options to choose from for your call. I have you pick because something has to be the star of the call and your guiding point on your path. This process is again enlightening and brings inspiration before you even get onto your call.

  • You'll then have you Inspired Action Tête-à-Tête 60 min. 1:1 call via zoom. This will be recorded so you will have it for reference as you move forward.

  • After your call you will receive your Inspired Action Plan (please allow up to 48 hours to receive this via email). This is a bullet point list you can print out and use to "" things off, highlighted from your call. This is really where The Work comes in. It's great to brainstorm but words without action get you nowhere.

  • You aren't alone on this journey. I'll be sending you an Accountability Tracker (via where you can share with me your ✔'s. Accountability is key! 

  • Once you have completed your Action Plan I'll be sending you a Post Call Questionnaire. Again it's a Deep Dive that is personalized to your Action Plan. This is a time to reflect on everything you have done and to acknowledge your Inspired Progress. 

    So yes, it's heaps more than just a session babe! It's a Transformation! 




Because if you are like many, all those great intentions you had made at the turn of the year are perhaps starting to feel like "When?! How?! WHEN?!"

It's perfectly normal to feel this way. Often the list is too long, or the idea is great but sorting out the starting point can have you all sorts of crazy lost. So the concept here is to get you to that feeling of clearness. The next clear step and then next one after and before you know it you are stepping onto the right path. OH. THE. CLARITY!!

So I would like to offer you this clarity and kick start to your vision with a price that is an investment into yourself but doesn't break the bank. 



Why make an investment into you? 


Because it tells Yourself, the Universe, God, and ALL "those things" you currently invest in (even unconsciously) that you are truly invested in your vision and ARE taking the shift. 



It frankly puts everything into action.

It puts your investment in where your mouth has been (meaning, you are walking your talk). It's a powerful act of transformation that declares, I mean business! I want this! I am taking the step now! 

Whether your query is related to your business or career vision or related to your personal hopes of what you would like to see for the direction of your life, you'll come out of your 1:1 Tête-à-Tête (face to face) Strategy Session with a focus on Inspired Action. 


It's truly a power hour +++!! 

I hope you take me up on this limited offering. I would be honored to help you step into your vision full on, turn your Ideas into Income and see you skipping down your true path! 



Inspired Action Tête-à-Tête
60 minute  .  1:1 Strategy Session
Special Get Your Business 
Inspired & Progressing for
3 Monthly payments of $109
Reach out if you have any

It's Not Just a Call,

It's an Act of Transformation

That feeling of clarity! 

Are you on the brink of something pivotal?


That "Aha!" Moment!
Have you been stuck at one level for too long?

That feeling that someone has your back!

Need a bit of personalized business nurturing?


Let's do this!


You are the focus.

We get you progress!

Navigating Your Next Chapter...

So what should you expect?

Expect Clarity!

Expect to be Inspired.

Expect to be Nudged.

Expect to be ready to do the work.

Expect to be surprised at what is possible.

Expect to Rock Your World!

Here's how your Strategy Session works:

  • We do the Prep: Pre-call Questionnaire to help you get clarity on where you are at and what you most want to focus on during your Inspired Action Tête-à-Tête Call.


  • We do a Tête-à-Tête: 60-min 1:1 Strategy Session - We connect via video and get clarity around what is on your heart and mind. We work on the best strategy forward to get you moving forward and reaching your objective.

  • ​We Design a Plan: Inspired Action-Plan emailed to put inspired action into your vision.​​ You have everything you need to progress forward clearly, along with a recording of our call for referencing.

  • You Put The Plan into Inspired Action: Accountability Tracker - You'll receive this along with your Inspired Action Plan. Yes, welcome to the land of Accountability. A plan is only a thought until it has actual action taken. I'm here to help keep you accountable. You'll be checking off your plan and we will cheer on your results!


  • We Review Your Progress: Once your Inspired Action Accountability Tracker is complete, you'll receive a "Let's Check In Now Questionnaire" via email. This will be a way to review what you have done, check-in with how you feel and celebrate the progress you have made. Plus a section to ask any pressing questions now that you have completed your Inspired Action Plan. I can't wait to read this! 

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It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



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