Let's get you moving!

Enough of the deep day dreaming of "If I could....".


I believe you can.

Why do I say this? I mean, we may not have even chatted yet. Well, I speak from the heart and from my own experience. I know it's scary to take a step. Even scarier to take a leap, but I also know, that if you don't... you're gonna stay exactly where you are.

You got this! 


I've been leaping for years. I know what it takes to show up for yourself and your business. I'm here to guide you through the process of taking your business where it is now and leaping up to the next level. 

You are supported.

You'll be getting my VIP support through this next season to set you up for success. Following your heart sort of success. It's the very best feeling! 

Let's do this! 


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What to expect:


1:1 / 3 - Month Accelerator

  • Bi-Weekly 60 min 1:1 Strategy Sessions (7 in total)

  • Monthly Inspired Action Plans with Weekly Accountability Trackers

  • Weekly check-ins to acknowledge your work, nudge you forward, share more insight, and answer any questions or concerns bubbling.

  • Email and Messenger support in-between sessions for you to reach out directly to me.

  • Recordings of all sessions available on a private YouTube link specifically for you. 

  • The Renewed Business Designer

    • A 3-part pdf planner that takes you right through a 12-week Client Maintenance Cycle... The Inspired Action Mode. You can fill it in easily from any pdf reader. (I'll show you how)

  • One Spotlight Interview that will live on my YouTube channel, shared on my platforms as well as yours to use as a marketing tool, and shared on my social media channels as well.

Investment: $1111 monthly for three months for a total of $3333

  • BONUS: One 60 min. 1:1 SOS CALL to use whenever you need it. ($333 value)


Curious if you are fully ready to take a leap?

Let's have a chat about your vision for your life and business. I encourage you to take the Kickstart Chat where you'll be able to take a Deep Dive Assessment and have a 40min. 1:1 chat with me.

The cost of the Kickstart Chat will be applied to your next level of support.  




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Kay Welch Dotson 

Eco Artist


Katherine has a very special knack for being able to see the big picture as well as how to break that picture down into manageable chunks.

She has also been quite intuitive in knowing what I need, and she excels in showing me how to obtain my goals. She's a marketing master, teaching me step by step how to believe in myself, sell myself, and share my gorgeous products with the world.


I admit that I am a bit hard headed, sometimes not realizing what's best, but Katherine has a way of gently cajoling me until I understand that she was right, all along.  And I am very grateful for that gentle prodding! 

Our one on one meetings are an absolute delight, her communication skills are phenomenal, she is always prepared, on time, and organized.  Her lovely smile is as contagious as her laughter and our time together is productive yet fun.


Meeting her, getting to know her, and working with Katherine has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in my entire life. Because of her help and guidance, I can now see and feel positive about my future and where I am going.  I look forward to continue working with her and am excited at what the future will bring!