Custom Couture 

Bespoke Solutions

Tailored Especially For You!

Much like an atelier would design the perfect custom garment for your next big event, the Style Kat Pro Custom Couture option is all about designing the perfect custom experience to meet you where you are at now in your business and life.

It may be that you have looked at all of the offerings here on my site (and I hope you have), and you like a bit of this and some more of that. 

We can create a custom couture experience just right for you.

It may be that you would like an option that works with your current cash flow. We can certainly fine tune and tailor an experience that will offer you growth on your terms.

What it gets down to Love is that I am here to help you, period. 

So let's schedule a Custom Couture Booking and get you and your business and/or lifestyle properly fitted. 

1st: Choose the Custom Couture "book now" button below. The charge for a Custom Couture Booking is $30. I find that if you put a little investment into yourself (even $30) it makes you think differently. It makes you take yourself and your vision more seriously. When we create the best fit for you and your vision this fee will be applied to the investment you are making. So it's sort of like a teensy deposit towards your ball gown of an experience. 

2nd: You will have a chance to download the pre-call questionnaire. This is your copy to print and use as a journalling exercise. I will email you promptly the actual online questionnaire that I will need to have filled out and returned 48 hours BEFORE our Custom Couture Booking.


I created this questionnaire to help me truly know my clients BEFORE we work together. It also helps you to get a true feel of where you are at. It's especially important for you in the Custom Couture world because the more information you share with me, the more I can design a perfectly bespoke experience to help move you forward as rapidly as possible.


After you fill out your questionnaire (which is online via google forms) and hit submit, I ask that you please shoot me a quick a message via email at or DM me via FB or IG. This way I know I have your answers and can review them promptly. I allow my process to take up to 48 hours.


3rd: We schedule your Custom Couture Booking. This will be a virtual chat (figure around 20 minutes or so) to "sketch" out the design of what will be the BEST experience for you at this time. 


Please note: Just because this is Custom Couture it does not mean it has to be $$$. If your budget is tight, this is the perfect way to find out how I can be of service to you, within your reach. But also note, I will stretch you too because just like the small fee for the booking itself, it's important to get into the habit of stretching past what we think we can do. I know what I bring to the table and my value and I fully believe in yours as well and will strategize around making sure you get yours! It's a powerful thing to say "Yes!" and watch the universe just bring you exactly what you need. 

It's all about a perfectly tailored fit for you and for me. So let's have that chat just as soon as you are ready. 

Looking forward and believing in you!


It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



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