Frequently Asked Questions About Muse Hat:


What is the timeline for production?

3 - 4 weeks from order to shipping date.


What is the cost of The Muse Hat?
The price of The Muse Hat is $360. There is a split pay available of two monthly payments of $180 each. Or three monthly payments of $120 each. There is no interest added, just an actual split of the cost. Shipping is free for this hat within the States.


For International orders, s/h is a flat $14. For payment plans, the s/h splits to add ease for you, so your cost is $187 per month for two months or $124.66 for three months.

Pay In Full HERE.  Choose Split Pay HERE.

What do I receive when I order The Muse Hat?

I will be emailing you to confirm all your hat details: your head size, your color choice, and which felt style would suit your needs best.

I individually make your hat per your specific head size. There is an adjustable sweatband inside of your hat that you can use to make your hat a little smaller if desired.

I email you a photo of your hat before I ship, and then I email you a notification that your hat has is shipped along with any tracking info if I have it. (tracking available for domestic orders only.)

You will receive your hat wrapped in tissue inside of a shipping box. There will be a folded hat box for storage at the bottom of your shipping box.


How long does it take to receive my new hat?
I generally offer myself 3-4 weeks from order to shipping. Shipping then takes 4-5 days domestic/ longer for international (depends on where you live).


How do I measure my head?
I’ve made a quick video showing you exactly how to do this. You can watch it HERE. 

I do recommend that you measure your head 3x. This way, you’ll feel confident that you have the right size.


I like the style, but what if I think the crown is too tall for me?
Not a problem. I can make the height 4” instead of 5”. It will give you a similar look if high crowns aren’t your thing. The hat is a two-piece hat sewn where the crown meets the brim, so adjusting the height is simple. Just add this to your notes at check-out, or let me know when I email you after ordering.


What kind of felt is used for the hat?
For The Muse Hat, I use rabbit fur felt, which is a by-product of the food industry in Europe. The felts come from the Czech Republic. Fur felt is long-lasting, heirloom-quality, and only the best. 


Is wool felt an option?

In general, no. However, I do have “4” top quality wool felts available in Deep Plum. These felts I have on hand are of superior quality and feel/look very similar to the Flat Finish fur felts. The important thing is that they will be able to be shaped to The Muse Hat's look.

The Deep Plum wool felt would be the only option for wool in this style. And there are only four pieces left of this type of felt.


What is the difference between velour and flat finish?

Velour is plush in its nap. It’s warmer (an authentic cold-weather hat), looks and feels fabulous, super long-lasting, and you can get caught in light rain or snow with it. (It’s not water-proof, but it’s sufficient for quick squalls.)


Flat Finish is, well, flat in the finish, no nap. This is a lighter felt, perfect for milder climates and even more wearability year-round. Flat Finish is an ideal option for Spring, Fall, and most of Winter. It is NOT weather-proof, and if it’s a rainy day, or snow likely to fall, it’s not recommended to wear. However, it is fabulous, and if you live in a mild climate, this is an excellent felt option. 


Is my hat returnable?

I’m sorry, but no. All sales in hats are final. Your hat is custom-made to your size and is not returnable. However, I do everything I can to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If there is a problem, reach out to me, and I will do my best to solve it. In my decades of hat sales, I have always had happy and delighted customers. You are in good hands.


How do I care for my hat?
Here’s what I do. When it’s the season, my hat stays out of the box. I hang it on my wall to wear it at any time (The Muse Hat is a daily hat). When the season is over, I store it in my hatbox. Put a piece of tissue paper inside of the hat to keep the crown in shape.

If my hat gets wet, I shake it off and place the hat on a tabletop side up. Meaning I take the hat off my head and put it on a table. I let it dry like this.

If I need to re-shape it at all, I use a steamer and my hands to get the shape back to what I want. If you need help with this, REACH OUT, and I can walk you through the process. If you don’t have a clothing steamer (I use a tabletop travel steamer these days), you can also use a tea kettle or a pot of water on the stove. PLEASE BEWARE OF STEAM. It hurts like the dickens if you burn your hands, so use caution always.

If your hat is damaged and you need professional help, reach out. This is a service I can offer you. The cost will vary depending on your needs. We can discuss.


What if I need help choosing a color, felt, or even knowing if this style would suit me? Email me! We can discuss via email or schedule a Hat Chat for you via Zoom to discuss your options. Any questions at all… reach out.

Did I miss your question? Just email and ask.

I’m here to make this process personal, effortless, and luxurious for you. The Muse Hat is my personal new favorite. I absolutely love wearing mine, and I know you will love yours too.