Frequently Asked Questions About The Statement Essentials:

How do these items help me if I am a business owner? Why are they geared for Entrepreneurs?

Showing up polished and professional is key in the know-like and trust factor relationship needed for any business. Not blending into the crowd is also essential. The items in the Style Essentials collection do all of these things for you. They set you up for success. Plus, they are interchangeable, meaning you get multiple looks!


Pop on before your next "Live" or Zoom call, dress up to take some social media selfies, or get your next headshots done. The next time you need a little extra inner "oomph" writing that one client who needs to pay their overdue invoice, dress up for yourself. Or wear while you are crafting your next offerings. 


Any way you look, these style items are here to up your game and boost your confidence. These essentials will have you looking and feeling like a zillion bucks and all under $60 to claim as yours! 

What if I'm not an Entrepreneur? 

These looks are for you too! I have geared the shop's message to be based around women business owners because, of course, this is my "thang”. But if you know me, you know I feel the same about all women. I am all about the confidence-boosting, the showing up polished, the joy of having fun in your style. So YES! These Style Essentials are for you! 


Heck, most of us have to use Zoom these days for our jobs and even catch up with friends and family. So now you can take your style up several notches without breaking the bank at all. 


What if I am not sure about an item working for me?

Just reach out! We can chat via messenger or email, even hop on a Zoom if you need. My idea for opening this shop was to offer a lux boutique experience from the comfort of our homes (since we all seem to be nestled in currently.) Just ask me, and we can sort out what items are going up your game the most.

Are they returnable?
The clothing pieces, The Easy Does It Trench, The Glamazon Traveler Dress, and The ME-Owza, The Skirt have a 14-day money-back return window. The client pays for shipping.

Everything else is all sales final.

I believe that we need to make wise choices when purchasing. Everything in the shop is curated and quality tested by me. I stand by all of the products and know they will bring you lots of styling options and heaps of compliments. So please choose wisely. 


How do I care for the style items?
Most can be washed gently in cold water. I only use cold water when it comes to things I love. I lay flat or hang to dry. For items that may need an iron, use a low setting. I tend to take these pieces and give them a light spritz of water and toss them in a “fluff” only cycle in the dryer for a few minutes. This usually does the trick. A steamer can work as well.


Why do the sizes seem larger than what I usually wear in the US?

These are international sizes, and they tend to size smaller, so I always size up. For instance, I generally wear a size 18 in US sizes. In the items I have in the shop, I am a 3X. This is not my standard US size. Usually, I wear between a 1X-2X, depending. But that is international sizing. 


I have already done the work for you. You’ll find the proper numbered US size inside ( ) next to what the label size reads.

When I order, how long is it till I receive the item?
I ship weekly on Wednesdays. So your order is shipped the next Wednesday. Meaning if you order on the weekend, I ship to you that week. If you order on Thursday, your order ships the next week, Wednesday. All orders need to be in by 6 am PST on Wednesday to be shipped that same day.


What is the shipping charge?
For domestic, everything up to $199 is a flat rate of $8 to ship; for international, everything is a flat rate of $14.

For domestic orders over $200 are shipped for free. 

If stock runs out, can you still get more or my size?
Possibly. Please reach out to and let me know what you are interested in. If it is available, I will order it for you. Many items are no longer available, so I highly recommend, if you love it, get it now.