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Calling the Creatives, the Dreamers, the Leapers, the Innovators, the Transitioners, the beloved Wishers... calling YOU!

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Inspired Actions to turn Your

Ideas Into Income!

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The Style Kat Promise


I'll show you how to take your big ideas, grow a covey of raving fans and turn them into loyal clients!  

Win et Win!



Curious how these Inspired Actions can help you? 


I recommend going through the Custom Couture process. This is an online questionnaire (and printable pdf for your journalling process) along with a Bespoke Booking Call (a 20min virtual chat) where we can really sort out what will be best for you and if it's not already on the menu we can customize an experience just for your tailored needs.

It's a $30 investment and this fee will be applied towards what ever option you choose moving forward... so it's more like a teensy deposit towards your inspired steps forward. Either way you come out with more insight into what you really want for your business and/or lifestyle. It's a powerful step.

Win et Win!

Ways to work with me:

  • Get a personal 1:1 brainstorm for 60min. + pre and post support: Try The Inspired Action Tête-à-Tête
  • You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Ready to make me one of your Top Five? I can promise you deep support and totally having your back! Join my Top Five where you get 1:1 focus along with a small intimate group (only 5) for inspiration for 4 months of business and/or lifestyle nurturing. The Top Five
  • Really want to create what works for uniquely you: I recommend the Custom Couture Bespoke where you and I create The Perfect Tailored To Your Needs Experience.