In Depth Details Of The Ideas Into Income 

1:1 3-Month Success Accelerator Package:

  • An in-depth Deep Dive Journaling Questionnaire for clarity on the big picture: Where you currently are and where you are wanting to be in your business. (This is part of the application process so that no matter what, you have this for your use now and later) 

  • 3 monthly 60 minute 1:1 Strategy Sessions via video chat (Zoom) to keep you moving forward getting that Idea Into Income. 

  • 3 monthly Inspired Action Plans to work from via Google Docs. This is a Living Plan that we communicate on so you have ALL of your notes and such available for reference too.

  • 3 Monthly Virtual Co-Work Sessions. I cannot tell you enough the power of a virtual co-work session! These will be scheduled for preferably mid-week once a month. This is a 90 minute co-work session done virtually via Zoom. This is a solo work experience in that you are working on your business and I am working on my business... but the juice here is that we are co-motivating together with video light coaching check-in time 10-15 min. at the start of the session and 15 min light coaching at the end to share progress and inspire forward movement. Sometimes just working in the same space can truly make a difference. A little extra added fire. Let's just say I scored my first NYFW just after a virtual co-work session where I was planning out my launch into the press and "poof!" I had a moment! I LOVE Virtual Co-Works and so look forward to sharing this experience with you!

  • 3 months of Start-The-Week Email Prompts & Friday Action Plan Check-Ins to help keep you on track and provide accountability.

  • Email Support in-between sessions for burning questions, feedback on your action plan and steps forward that you are taking.  

  • A true behind-the-scenes peek at how I run my established business of over 30 years. Trust that I will share what NOT to do and what has also been highly successful for me.

  • Resource Guide as needed to help you access the tools you need to get the job done. This may be in the form of suppliers, programs I know of, past tutorials I have created and when needed, NEW tutorials specifically created around your needs.

  • Recordings of all sessions so you can reference as needed.

  • Post program 1 month of additional Email Support to help you stay on track.

  • BONUS: 1 SOS CALL  - 1 60min. 1:1 SOS Call to use whenever you need. Be that in a month, a year, whenever. No expiration. This is a call for when the shite hits the fan (so to speak) or you have a flash of brilliance and want to map it out quickly over an hour, or perhaps you just have the need to some EXTRA support. It's your bonus to use as you wish. 

    • When you cash in your SOS CALL, you'll receive a short online questionnaire to fill out and send back to me 48 hours PRIOR to your call. This is super important as it will give me the background and needs you are wanting to discuss. I do this so that on our call we are not wasting one minute. We jump right in and work it out. ​

  • BONUS: SOS Action Plan - to support you as you move forward.

  • BONUS: Style Kat Pro Ideas Into Income Business Kit coming to you in the mail. Business should be fun so expect a fun package shipped directly to you.


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Pay in full for

Ideas Into Income package:


Extended Payment Plan for 

Ideas Into Income package:

3 monthly payments of $1550

for a total of $4650


Extended Ease of 6 monthly payments of $775 for a total of $4650

It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



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