3 Month 1:1 Success Accelerator Program

Time to hitch up our briefcases and get to work! 

We are going to get what you naturally do into the lives of your dream clients! 


You have gifts to bring to the world that the world needs, right now! 

You know how to do what you are talented at... you also know you need to know what to do next? How to level up?

I got you!



1:1 VIP Success Accelerator for Three Months to get 

Your Ideas Into Income!

  • An in-depth journaling questionnaire for clarity (part of application process) 

  • 3 Monthly 60 minute 1:1 Strategy Sessions

  • 3 Monthly Inspired Action Plans with Accountability Trackers

  • 3 Monthly Virtual Co-Work Self-Work Sessions. (for more details click button below)

  • Start Of The Week - Weekly email prompts and Friday Action Plan Check-Ins to help keep you stay on track and provide accountability.

  • 3 months of Email Support in-between sessions - reach out with new ideas, or if you need an offer proofed, or especially if you feel stuck at all.

  • A true behind-the-scenes peek at how I run my business and how to avoid pitfalls.

  • Resource guide and recorded tutorials as needed.

  • Recordings of all sessions via a private YouTube link solely for you. 

  • Post program 1 month of additional Email Support to help you stay on track.

  • BONUS: 1 1:1/60 min. SOS CALL to use whenever you need it. (no expiration)

  • BONUS: SOS Action Plan to get you going.

  • BONUS: Style Kat Pro Ideas Into Income Business Kit coming to you in the mail. Business should be fun so expect a fun package shipped directly to you.

Pay in full for

Ideas Into Income package:


Extended Payment Plan for 

Ideas Into Income package:

3 monthly payments of $1550

for a total of $4650


Extended Ease of 6 monthly payments of $775 for a total of $4650


The application process is vital for both of us on your journey. It consists of the Deep Dive Questionnaire which you fill outline for me. This gives us both a true look at where you are now and where you are wanting to be. It tells us both what your schedule looks like so that we can tailor fit your Ideas Into Income Program to work for you. 

Once you have sent me your answers, I will respond within 48 hours. via email to set up a time for us to have a short chat. The chat will happen via Zoom and be a time for both of us to ask questions if we have any and to get a real feel for what will work best. As well, this will be a time for us to schedule your monthly calls, etc. 

 If I do not feel like this will be the best fit for you, I will promptly refund your money. As well, if I do not feel that I can help you in the best possible and I know of another expert that can, I will be happy to give you a reference to them. 

All these pre-processes are for you. This whole program is for you and about you. So the questions, the pre-chats, the deep diving... it's all to bring you to the forefront so that we can work together beautifully and implement those ideas straight into INCOME! 

I look forward to working with you!



For reals.This is a non-fluff-n-puff intensive. It is created for those who already have a product or service that they are ready to take to the next level. Or for those that may not yet have brought their idea into fruition but have the deepest fire lit inside them to do so and are READY  do  it now! For those that know going PRO means "It's gonna take work", because, frankly, we know it is. It's for those who may be afraid or apprehensive towards words like listed below, but who are WILLING to get over it and literally ABLE to get on with it:

  • sales

  • marketing

  • making offers

  • high value

  • raising prices

  • closing the deals

  • production style working

  • being a selling artist

  • customer service

  • getting the "yes!"

  • nurturing clients

  • promoting... yourself

  • showing up

  • putting together the full package

  • creating a clear branding message

  • investing in yourself

Because here is the thing Babe:

You HAVE to Make Friends with ALL of the Above in order to become a PRO and GET Your Ideas Into Income

This is a program to get you maximizing that list and getting it to start working FOR you. That's what Ideas Into Income is ALL about! 

Feeling the nudge but wondering about how this program can work for you? Reach out to me with any questions at 

I am so ready to see you making Income from YOUR IDEAS!!! 

Let's do this! 

It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



Style Kat Pro . Katherine Carey . 2020 . Green Valley, Arizona, USA .