Statement Making.  Travel Worthy.


Custom designed from luxurious and durable panama straw that is handwoven in Ecuador, then hand blocked in my desert studio in Southern Arizona to your custom head size and stitched to your choice of three brim sizes. Trimmed by hand with extra wide Petersham grosgrain ribbon in your choice of eight colors. 




*Split pay of two installments of $199 +s/h 

Production takes 4 weeks.

*To use Split Pay simply add the code: SPLIT PAY to your order. Your 1st installment will be for $199 + S/H. The second 
installment of $199 will come in four weeks once hat is complete via PayPal invoice. Once hat is paid for it ships out immediately. Shipping is done domestically USPS Priority Mail and Internationally via USPS Ground. 

Why do I believe it's the Best Hat Ever!? 

I can tell you truly I have travelled with this hat overseas now 4x and travelled domestically multiple times and my personal Signature Fedora (I have the 2 1/4" for all these trips and now also have the NEW 4" wide brim with me) can handle Life! Traveling Life!


Things I personally adore about my personal hat:

1. Panama straw is strong, so is the wire inside the brim, so it handles bumps and bruises that happen when traveling with ease. Yes, it can get misshapen but it also can be re-shaped fairly easy. It may shift a bit from it's out of the box state, but I can tell you I LOVE the shape it transforms too. Like a good pair of jeans! 


2. I still get compliments 2 out of 3 wears wherever I am. Always. Considering I wear mine daily come Spring and through the Summer that's a heck of a lot of compliments headed my way and that can shift your whole day! A nice genuine compliment from a stranger. Who doesn't love that?! 


3. Value for investment. Let's just be frank here. Yes! This is an investment hat. It's not cheap but neither are the materials nor the quality. This is a high quality, lasts a lifetime hat. I know this because mine is going on 8 years old now and has aged like a fine wine or a Silver Fox. I love it now more than I did the day I made it 8 years ago. 


I consider my Signature Fedora my BFF of Hats!

And my Best Travel Companion Ever!

The Signature Fedora is available in 3 brim sizes!

  • Choose your head size. Here's a quick tutorial: How To Measure Your Head

  • Choose your brim size

  • Choose your trim color

  • Lock in your order today with a 50% deposit of $199. + s/h.

  • I will send you an invoice via PayPal for second installment of $199 when hat is complete (4 weeks). Once hat is paid for it is shipped immediately

  • Have a question? Reach out here:  CONTACT KATHERINE

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