Come on! Let's go! 

Okay. Yes, I know we can't actually "go" somewhere together physically... but we CAN meet virtually and have a kick _$$ retreat together.

Retreats are one of the most powerful things to do for your business. Actually pausing long enough to "do the work" that is a business retreat. Retreats give you the juice to take on the next levels. You'll leave inspired, re-grouped, super charged and totally aligned with what your mission is. Then you'll go and get it!

So what can you expect with an Accelerator Retreat?

  • Expect deep insight. We begin with a look back in order to peek forward.

  • Expect to let go of what isn't working. Release is part of renewal.

  • Expect to be intrigued, to have quality time with you and your soul. 

  • Expect to be inspired... your homework is a date with your spirit "ala vision boards!" Creative and also strategic.

  • Expect deep strategy. I mean the deepest. We dive to the heart of your vision and find the clear path towards it. 

  • Expect intensity. Retreats are renewing but they are also intense. We soften this up by nurturing ourselves during and having plenty of creative ways to make the work fun.

  • Speaking of work... expect to DO the work. In order to take that leap, you're gonna have to get up to the top of your cliff. We got you. You'll have an Inspired Action Plan to use as your map. 

  • Expect support. You'll be supported after your retreat to help with the ins and outs of taking these great big steps forward. 

  • Expect RESULTS! Nothing is overnight (I so wish it was!) but by doing the work itself you will be moving forward. You will see results. That is the beauty of leaping. Leaping in itself ends with results. You are on a new level, a new playing field, a new territory. What you do once there will determine your results...that's where your Inspired Action Plan comes in. The map to your desire. 


1:1 VIP Success Accelerator for 2 - 1/2 Days 

  • 40 min. 1:1 Kickstart Chat with Deep Dive Assessment held before we retreat - this gives us the game plan so your retreat is fully focused. 

  • 2 - 3 hr. Virtual Retreat Sessions (sessions should be held within the same week)

  • Companion Retreat Workbook

  • Soul Homework 

  • Inspired Action Plan - via google docs

  • Email support for 30 days to help with any kinks or tweaks along the way

  • 30 minute 1:1 call at the end of 30 days to support you moving forward. 

Investment: $1777