New Season... TOTAL New Vibe!

I had a clear plan, total inspiration and was working diligently. I mean I was SO inspired, had a perfect launch date, was building the excitement I had hoped for, FINALLY felt like I knew the direction I was headed in and I was going for it. 

And now, a couple hours before midnight, and a bit over 48 hours prior to the launch time I am desiring of the Vernal Equinox, I realize in order to make my deadline I will be TOTALLY diving into classic workaholic tendencies that are such my default. 


They didn't need to be. When I started my week I was on point for my target. However, life over here in Southern Arizona is neither "on point" or "targeted" when it comes to proper work weeks. At least in the village I live in which is a retirement community. 

Think about that as a creative entrepreneur in the prime of your career and no matter how diligent you are it's not conducive for your traditional  ways of working.

We have dogs we sit that require (of course) walks and naps and 
Not the easy going old dog I lived with in the Bronx that was happy to just lay around in my studio while I did my thing. Not. At. All. 

It's a brand new life. 

I "could" be ready for my launch if I could dedicate the next two days (the weekend) to solid 8-hr (reasonable) focused uninterrupted work days, but that is not possible.


Unexpected family gatherings are happening to celebrate people I love. Free museum days have sprung up tomorrow and I love a museum. Time spent with those I love takes precedence even if my inner entrepreneur is flipping out a bit (and she is). 

That said, I did just stop what I was doing, grabbed my laptop and am sitting in bed writing this inspired post because the question arose:


I mean really. Must I? If it takes me an extra week (or so) to get everything ready for the feel of the project that I am feeling... is that such a big thing?  Is it worth over-working? Is it worth feeling strained? 

So I decided it wasn't. There are so many wonderful things I plans to share on this site in the near future... perhaps next week? Maybe some  will be ready to share the week after. 

As an entrepreneur who works from home it is up to me to embrace a quality of life that is rich and fulfilling and, the new theme of the season, BALANCED.

It was going to be reflection, but really it is so much more about Balance. 

Work - Life Balance. 

That doesn't mean it is boundary-less. Not at all. But it does mean that when you have done enough for the week, Babe, You Have Done Enough. 


And Loves... I have done enough! 

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Note: If you were on my list but didn't see my emails recently, well loves, I closed that list. So it's time to sign up again and I'll pop you a line as these articles and offerings come to be. 

Meanwhile... I hope you get excited from the layout because it's definitely the vibe for the season! 

Hooray Fall! Hooray Family! Hooray Doggie Wards! Hooray Balance!