Organizing is what you do before you do something,

so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.


-  A.A. MILNE  -

I'm happy walk you through the Policies and Procedures. Just click here. (23:18)

Policies and Procedures



At this point, I am taking the “Being On The List” discount off the table. I have sat with this for months (years, really), going back and forth. It has never felt great on my end. I value you, the reader willing to have me come into your inbox. I love my repeat customers SO much. However, I need to stay true to my ideals and beliefs. Having steady discounts isn’t a discount at all. It’s just the price. Think of Hobby Lobby, for instance, if you have ever been there. There are signs everywhere saying, “Furniture is always 30% off the marked price” when you walk in. In actuality, the 30% off IS the actual price. It is not a discount; it is what it is.

The same goes for my services and products. If I am constantly discounting items and services that aren’t made yet, I am underselling myself from the get-go. It’s not the business model that works.

And I LOVE a great sale, and you know, if you have been with me for a while, that I offer GREAT SALES often: End Of The Season, Flash, and “On A Whim” Sales. That’s when I want to dive in with a great offering.

But hats and services that are brand new, made-to-order per your head size and choices, custom delivered services and products. These are not “sale” items. So it’s on me to honor this. All of this is on me. All my choices and offerings. All my learning curve. And I realize I have taken you for the journey along the way. It’s my intention that you have been able to take advantage of my past offerings. I have LOVED creating for you.

So, moving forward, this is what I am intending. I intend to offer you the very best I have to give. The freshest of headwear for the season at hand. The deepest of strategy sessions and ways to move you forward if you choose to work with me in my Pro department. Always using the best of the materials, my heart and soul, my full creative, artistic, and design talents to bring you items that make you feel like a star and services that give you confidence and empowerment.

I lead by example in all departments, and just like I would encourage a strategy client to find other ways to entice rather than discounting their time, energy, and work… I am doing the same for myself as the leader.



I want to make it easy to have what you want from my business. I will be keeping the interest-free split-pay payment plan options as this is a great way to invest in what you want while spreading the cost out.  I do round up to make a nice even number.

While in the past, the payment plans were created via Paypal as invoices, I have chosen to switch to an automated payment method that is more reliable, because yes, those payments cover bills I have, and I need them to show up on the date they are meant to be paid. After all, anyone using a split payment plan already has their item after making the first payment. So this means I have done my part, the work, so having an automated program makes it easier on everyone. My clients don’t have to feel pressure to find the invoice and go through the process of using the credit cards again, and I just know that the funds are there as anticipated creating a smooth flow all around.



In the past, I have offered these for free or for a minimal cost of $30. The price was always put towards any service rendered after.

The point of a consultation is to connect, discuss your needs, and direct you to the product or service that will meet those needs. I am who I am. And who I am is someone that gets inspired, wants to see you succeed (for my strategy clients), and wants to see you have that hat of your dreams (for my hat clients). So I give quite a bit often in these consultations.

I have found that I am often put on hold a lot. Things happen, I get it. But I don’t love it. I need to love what I am doing, or I shouldn’t be doing it. At all.

Consultations need to happen “sometimes”. But the proof is already in the pudding I have offered. As a business owner, I am very transparent in how I run my business, and I have already proven what I can do for any other business that needs help. Consultations can help here as everyone’s journey is unique, but they aren’t a must-do. The offerings I have are very straightforward and clear.

For hats, it’s also pretty clear what is offered that season. If you desire something that you don’t see already, then a consultation can be helpful.

Moving forward, I will offer a 30-minute 1:1 consultation for both areas of my expertise for $100 paid before the call. All calls will be via Zoom because I need to be able to see you. It’s how I work best and can then give you my best. That fee will be credited towards the service or product if a service or product is ordered within 14 days. Otherwise, it is null.

My intention here is not to waste your time nor my energy. While $100 might seem an investment, I have done the research, and this is a very fair price for paid consultations. The 14-day period to receive that initial investment as a credit towards your “consulted” hat or service is there to keep the process on track.

It’s about keeping it fresh and with the inspired momentum. Any later, and that fizzles. It’s not meant to push you but rather nudge you that the time is of the essence for me to give you my best, and coming straight off of an inspired call. Because someone else will be vying for my attention soon enough, and all that inspo we generated will be out the door. 


It’s always in favor of you. Always.



Once the process begins and we have agreed upon what you are ordering, I am all in. Meaning, I am giving you my attention, thinking of you while I create your hat, and giving it my 100% attention to bring you a hat that will become a favorite for you and of heirloom quality.

Hats take 3-4 weeks for production before shipping. This timeframe is set because I am ordering your materials which are shipped to me, then my production time for the studio. Once your hat is ready to ship, I will send you a photo and confirm your address.

If you need me to change something after it’s ready to ship, there will be a fee of $100. In all the years I have been in this business, this has maybe happened twice. However, I now feel that I need to establish this possibility to include my time and labor. Like I said, in 30 years and twice happening, it’s not likely to happen with you, but for legality purposes, I am disclosing that there will be a fee “if” a change is required.




Currently, I am shipping via UPS for domestic and USPS for international. I am keeping the shipping and handling charges at $35 for domestic and $45 for international per hat.

To be transparent here, it often costs me much more than this to ship a hat. For West Coast, I break even. For all other areas, it usually runs $47+. Ideally, the S/H charges are meant to cover the shipping box and packing materials, my time spent in line at the shippers, and the cost to get your hat to you.

Shipping is what it is. For now, I’d like to keep the S/H charge where it is, but I cannot guarantee it will always stay this way. I’ll try to keep it here for as long as possible. 


All this said:
1. I am using the most reliable shipping sources I can use. 

2. I always ship "ground" unless you are sending me extra to ship it air. 

3. Covid has caused delays. It sucks—big time. But so far, UPS has been pretty darn good at getting the hats to the owners promptly. 

4. I will always send you tracking info as soon as I have it. Hats come with minimal insurance as well. I have faith in the shipping industry, and so far (except for one priority care package I mailed to a friend in need of one and then never received it); all the hats have made it to the destinations in great shape! 




If you want to work with me or desire to have a product I make, I want you to as well. If there is a way that I can help you to make this happen, I will.

How this usually works:

. If it’s a hat with a cut-off date and you need an extra week, I will place the order to get your materials in the box of supplies coming. I’ll then start your billing on the date that works best for you. Your hat will be in the main production, and all this said, it’s as if you placed your order with all the others, just started the paying process slightly after.

. I can also set you up with a 4-way split pay rather than a 3-way standard. This makes your monthly payment less, still interest-free, and gets you what you want asap.

. For strategy clients, the same sort of offerings is available. Some of the sessions I offer come with longer splits than the hats. But know that if you need to spread out the payment for a few extra months, we can discuss this.

. What doesn’t work is asking for discounts or trades. I just can’t. I hope you understand.

For any questions about any of the above, please reach out to:

and I'll be happy to explain further.


It is always my intention to create a beautiful relationship with you, my client. 

Thank you,