Organizing is what you do before you do something,

so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up.


-  A.A. MILNE  -

Policies and Procedures


I want to make it easy to have what you want from my business. I will be keeping the interest-free split-pay payment plan options as this is a great way to invest in what you want while spreading the cost out.  I do round up to make a nice even number.



Currently, I am shipping via UPS for domestic and USPS for international. Shipping and handling charges are $35 for Domestic and $60 for International per hat. I offer FREE local pick-up from my Green Valley studio.


All sales are final for hats. Thank you.


For any questions about any of the above, please reach out to:

and I'll be happy to explain further.


It is always my intention to create a beautiful relationship with you, my client. 

Thank you,