When You Just Don't Know...Yet.

Well, let me begin with what I do know. 

I wrote a whole blog post on this subject and how it is effecting me currently. It was up for days and then I thought... I don't want that to be up. I do find it incredibly valuable however, I also felt the subject was so deep I'd rather create a book around it.


So that post is gone for now and what is left here is that I know I have a spark of inspiration to write about it. I know this experience occurs in many people's lives and I know I am inspired to dive deeper and share my personal experience... and I will... likely... but later. 


For now, I'm setting up a brand new office space, well two really, one for me and one for my Mama and from this space I plan to just let this chapter unfold. And this my friends excites me greatly! 




To Dreams!