How to pair a hat to your coat. 

Easy Does It Fedora (Fall '21) in Signature Alabaster & Blush paired with INC Scarf & Michael Kors Coat from Macy's.

So one of the biggest questions I get is how to pair a hat to a coat. Makes sense as for many, outerwear IS when one wears a hat.

Me, I always wear a hat with any outfit but there are a few tips when it comes to having your favorite hat compliment your go-to fall/winter coat. So today, that's what I am sharing. You'll also find links to all of the items I am showing because I know how that is. You might find the perfect coat in this letter and be like, "Where is that?!" So sit back, cozy up, and just enjoy a little Fall Style pleasure.

Plaid Calvin Klein Coat from Macy's.

Plaid or patterned coats: The first rule of thumb is simply pulling one color from the coat and having that connection to your hat color. It never needs to be a perfect match, but rather in the same family or tone. Any of these color combinations would work great with this plaid coat.

Another excellent option and the key one I'll be sharing here is the power of a scarf.

Blue INC Scarf, Plaid Anne Klein Coat, INC Floral Scarf, found on Macy's. Plaid Scarf from Lands' End.

Try tying your palettes together with a solid color that connects the two (hat and coat). This light-colored greyish blue scarf does just that with this wine and navy plaid coat. This allows any of the Easy Does It Neutrals to work wonderfully.

One of my all-time favorite styles is playing with patterns. Try a floral or plaid on top of your patterned coat. This is a great way to compliment your hat. Plus it is super stylish, totally fun, and shows confidence. And who doesn't want to feel confident when leaving the house for the day?

Jenni Tye-Dye Scarf, Anne Klein Camel Wrap Coat, Ralph Lauren Classic Scarf found on Macy's.

Camel coats: I will always and forever love a camel coat. Forever!

And I love a play on the world of beiges and tans. They are classic, complement every skin tone, and have an air of class that is spot on.

Here I am showing how you can pair these gorgeous neutrals in the Easy Does It collection more than one way. I love this tye-dye scarf for a fun, modern look. Then there is the ultra-classic/super-polished vibe of the Ralph Lauren scarf. (You cannot go wrong here!) Or try a floral. Any way you want to go, the key is to connect at least one color in your hat and one color in your coat through your scarf du jour.

Michael Kors Emerald Moto Jacket and Patricia Nash floral Scarf from Macy's.

The Leather Jacket: Whether your jacket is a pop of color like this beautiful emerald green, or a classic black or brown, adding a scarf to the mix is a perfect way to not only connect your hat but to add extra style-factor to your day. I love this combo of floral with the sporty vibe of the moto.

Giani Bernini Yellow Floral Plaid Scarf, Charter Club Orange Puffer, Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Scarf found on Macy's.

Pop of Color Puffers: Why not have a fun pop of color to your warmest winter coat? There are a few ways to go here but what I chose was this super fun yellow, floral and plaid scarf that would connect any of the Easy Does It Neutrals. Or why not pair a classic leopard scarf with this sporty jacket and a lux fedora?! Really a fun way to play in color and keep that style-factor high!

The Easy Does It Fedora (F '21), INC Taupe Scarf, Michael Kors Soft Plaid Coat found on Macy's.

Neutrals: I am loving soft neutrals these days so of course, I made the original Easy Does It Fedora for me in Alabaster and Barely Blush. Pairing this with say, this gorgeous Michael Kors coat I could go a number of ways. Here I am showing this a fabulous taupe scarf. So there is now three different tones (really four with the trim on the hat) yet they go beautifully together for a super soft lux look. I could also connect these two (hat and coat) with a wine colored scarf. That would be so sharp. Wine is a perfect color because it's a lipstick or nail polish color so it reads as a neutral. It all depends on your mood that day - get yourself LOTS of scarves (that's what I do.)

FRAAS Paisley Scarf (Macy's), Lands End Plum Quilted Down Coat

A Solid Coat: One scarf can do it all. All the colors of the Easy Does It Fedora collection can go with this coat just from finding a gorgeous scarf that has a pattern and multiple colors.


So you can see how easy it is to have your favorite hat work great with your fall/winter wear. Give it a try. Be bold and play with patterns. Find a color wheel and play with the opposites and complimentary palettes.

Of course, if you have any questions or are wondering what will specifically work for you, just reach out and ask me. Gosh, I love the change of seasons! Bring on the layers! xo

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