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When the day is done, there's nothing better than pausing and watching the sunset. The sky explodes in the brightest shades of orange, coral, hot fuchsia pink, tangerine, and gold in the desert. It's absolutely memorizing. 

This little hat packs a ton of punch!  Statement-making, compliment attracting, it's the sort of hat you want to wear when you know that you can finally go and see your family, hug your friends, and maybe even a random stranger (remember those days?!) Aaaaah, just like the candy-colored sky of the sunset, they were sweet.


Style: Mini Rancher
Straw: Hand-dyed Sisal

Pheasant feathers

Concho buckle

Hand-dyed grosgrain

Platinum enamel


The hat stays on with a small elastic band hidden under your hairline.

This hat is one size, however, if you let me know your head-size, I can be sure that the elastic is the right size for you. 


How to measure your head - CLICK HERE


This hat is ready to ship.

CANDY COLORED SKY - 3 pymts of $132