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When you can look up and see a blue sky, your mood shifts, there is hope and undeniable beauty. I see this all the time in the South West. The skies here have this soft hue, magical, really. 

This hat is a mood-shifter. Subtle in its palette yet high in its style factor. Perfect for everyday wear, dressed casual, or dressed to "finally" get out there and enjoy a brunch with friends. 

You've made it through the last year (and that IS saying something!), pop this BFF of a hat on, and make your statement! 


Style: Classic Fedora

Straw: Hand-dyed Sisal

Hen Feathers

Grosgrain Ribbon

Silver Enamel
Hand-dyed Rawhide
Whipstitched Embroidered Brim


22 1/4" with adjustable head-sweat. I wear a 22 3/4" and this hat fits me well so the straw is flexible. 


Crown height: 5"
Brim: Front is 3 1/2" and tapers to back at 3".
How to measure your head - CLICK HERE

Hat is ready to ship. 

BLUE SKIES ALWAYS - 3 pymts of $175