I have this hat I LOVE. I call it The Signature Fedora. I travel with it. I wear it daily. I pair it with casual wear to taffeta dresses. I climb mountains in it. It truly is da bomb of hats and for sure my BFF of headwear. 

I love it so much I wanted two. Two to travel with. Why? Because I wanted two brim lengths. Period.

I travel fairly light but there are days I just want/need more sun coverage. So I created this wide brim in the same style as my favorite Signature Fedora but with a fabulous 4” brim.

I. Freaking. LOVE. IT! I mean FOR REALS! Perfectly shaded, totally the extreme version of my fave, durable in panama straw... a freaking love fest!.

Yes, I now travel with both because they both serve a purpose. If it’s functional and fabulous it comes with me! To travel I pop my 2 1/4" Signature Fedora on top of my Signature Wide Brim and stroll right onto the plane. 

The 4” brim can also be flipped down for a classic lampshade. I adore multi-functional style.


Durability: Worn daily (like I do in spring and summer) my Signature Fedora still gets compliments 3 out of 4 wears and it’s now 7 years old and has traveled all over multiple times. This is a Forever Hat!


Statement Making. Travel Worthy.


Details: Custom designed from luxurious and durable panama straw that is handwoven in Ecuador, then hand blocked in my desert studio in Southern Arizona to your custom head size. Trimmed by hand with extra wide Petersham grosgrain ribbon in your choice of six colors.


5” crown, 4” brim, 4” wide vintage Petershams grosgrain trim. (Please note: Black Petershams grosgrain is the most limited and is 4.25" wide... just THE BEST but...they don't make it anymore. Once this runs out there will be black but it will be 4" and not vintage. Just FYI.)


Made to order in sizes 21" - 24" 

Brim size: 4"


** I recommend ordering "L"  (22.75/23") for a standard shop size.


Trim Color (grosgrain)