I am thrilled you are booking the Custom Couture "Bespoke" Call. This is such a transformative step towards your dreams and I am honored to partner with you on this journey. 


Here's some of the details once you hit "buy".


  • You'll receive a downloadable pdf of the Pre-Call Questionnaire. This is for your journaling purposes. 

  • You will receive an email link to the formal questionnaire within 48 hours of your purchase (Likely right away). This is where you want to fill out the answers for BOTH of us. This helps expedite the experience.

  • PLEASE be sure to fill out your online questionnaire 48 hours BEFORE our scheduled call. 

  • PLEASE email me as well once you hit "submit" to your questions so I can know that they are ready to review. I appreciate this. My email is info@katherinecarey.com or DM me via FB or IG. This way I will know your answers are available and that is key!

  • I will be in touch promptly via email to set up the perfect Custom Couture Bespoke Call date and time.

    Please note that the $30 charge for this Bespoke Call will be applied towards what we design for you and your business and/or lifestyle. 

    xo Katherine

Custom Couture Bespoke Call