Us rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands into the mix of your business. You taking focused viable steps forward today!​


We Got This!


Here's how your Viability Workshop works:


  • We do the Prep: Pre-call Assessment to help you get clarity on where you are and what you most want to focus on during your Viability Workshop. This is a money saver as it gives me all the insight and introduction to you and your business before we get onto the workshop so we waste no time diving in and getting you viable!


  • We do the Workshop: 60-min 1:1 Workshop Session - We connect via video and get clarity around what is on your heart and mind. We work on the best strategy forward to get you moving forward and turning your ideas into income.

  • You take the Steps! You'll be ready to know which way to maneuver and step forward. That is a great feeling!

  • I give you support. You'll have access to light email and messenger support for 30 days to help you stay accountable and work out any kinks, etc.

  • Bonus - 1 month Mode membership

Looking forward to helping you reach your vision!




I will be in touch promptly via email to set up the perfect Viability Workshop date and time.

Reach out anytime with any questions. 

Viability Workshop


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