Squuuuueeeea! The Cafe Hat is here!!!


I love this style SO MUCH! 


How to show up to the races or luncheons and make mouths drop and then turn around and wear to the beach for the perfect poolside shade.


  • Super stylish, ultra classic and light as a feather. 
  • Classic Dior/Audrey vibe for the girlie Gal. 
  • Easy to travel with, hat is flat so hang it off your carry-on by the elastic band or place in a small tote. 
  • Great with party/cocktail dresses both poufy and streamlined straight silhouettes.


Hat stays on with small elastic hidden under the hairline. Perch to whatever side feels more flirty at that moment OR whereever the sun is daring to shine on you for instant shade! One size fits most.

Beautiful woven sisal, no wire, double welted edge, grosgrain ribbon trim. I love black ribbon. Fancy another color trim? Let me know!