You woke up and said "Hooray! Spring is here!" You find your best ensemble, take off the boots, put on the sandals, grab a lipstick, pop on your Topper and go skipping out the door. The birds fly around you, butterflies land on your hat, rainbows everywhere...why the heck not?!

Spring is an attitude. A fresh start. Budding flowers. Spring babes everywhere. This is a Celebration Chapeau. A beauty sparkler. A show stopper. 

So yeah, why not? Top off your best self with the best topper. I guarantee smiles with this hat.

Hand-dyed with rich velvet and all the trimmings. It's Royal. It's Whimsical. It's Spring! 

Spring 2019.



Monarchy Topper

$498.00 Regular Price
$398.40Sale Price