An Exclusive Limited Edition Curated Style Kat Box to add a little La Vie Française to your Spring/Summer Vibe

  • The Perfect Travel Tunic

  • A Curated French Summer Scarf

  • My All-Time Favorite Organic Lipstick​

  • The Travel Must-Have French Thermale Spring Water .75ml of Refreshment and Aaaah!

  • A hand-crafted Charme D'Art de Coeur

  • Une Petit Lavender Sachet

  • A Set of Two French Tea Towels

  • A Made-In-France Artisan Tisane Tea Blend

  • A trio of  Wee Petite Met-The-Farmer Saucisses

  • All with an Organic Cotton Classic Fisherman's Weave French Market Bag

Style Kat Box Du Jour - S/S 2019 La Vie Française