Squuuuueeeea! The Cafe Hat is here!!! L. O. V. E. this style! The Cafe Hat is going to top any outfit and take it to levels that will have people telling you on over-crowded uncomfortable subway rides "I love your style!" (this happened JUST the other day, just saying, be prepared for awesomeness!)


Hat stays on with small elastic hidden under the hairline. Perch to whatever side feels more flirty at that moment OR whereever the sun is daring to shine on you for instant shade! One size fits all but still let us know your headsize so we can make the proper adjustments.

Beautiful woven sisal, no wire, double welted edge, grosgrain ribbon trim. I love black ribbon but tell me what color you fancy? 

Also available in black laquered toyo paper weave. (Toyo will be wired and single welted)



The Cafe Hat