Let's get more sales into your business! 

That's exactly what The Renewed Business Designer Program is all about. 

Client maintenance means more client interactions, more client trust, more return clients... converting clients into patrons. 

Positioning yourself in front of your ideal audience highlights the know, like, and trust factor vital in this business climate we live in. 

All of this means nothing if you are moving so fast you aren't thinking clearly. This is so easy to do in the hustle that shows up for entrepreneurs. 

Inside your 12-week course, you'll find Mini-Retreat Guides that give you precisely what you need to re-group and feel into the required balance of your own life. After all, you are your business, so if you are renewed, so will your business be renewed. 

The Renewed Business Designer is a self-led D.I.Y. Business Course that is part planner, part retreat, and all client love. 

Each week you are given a new Inspired Action Prompt to nudge you into the spotlight and back in front of your clients and audience's eyes. Each Prompt comes with a video training, sometimes an actual tutorial, worksheets, templates, guides, mid-week check-ins, real-time examples, and always ends with a reflective time I refer to as a Champagne Moment. 

You'll find everything you need to succeed at your client maintenance and showing up in new and fresh ways that get you the results! 

Oh, all while living within a 12-week day planner. Easy to upload to any pdf reader, you can leave your Renewed Business Designer up on your desktop and track all your progress because that's what the next 12-weeks are all about... your progress. 

Once you are done, head to the secret link that holds the Designer and re-download to use again and again. 

For my business, The Mode is my mode. I continue to do these prompts cycle after cycle. 

Mode. (noun) a way or manner in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed, or done.

I'm excited for you and your business. You are about to enter The Mode!

    The Renewed Business Designer 12-Week Course