Limited Edition! Hat Of The Season.


Specify color choice in notes (or trust I will email you promptly to find out.)


I have "starred" color options that I know would be great in this style. Trim is black grosgrain with two-link hardware in rustic goldtone.

Felt options
are either Velour Fur Felt (warmer, mildly weatherproof (can be worn in light rain/snow), plush texture) OR Flat Finish Fur Felt (lighter, not as warm, great for mild climates, NOT weatherproof.)

Everything I love about my Muse is now in The Muse Hat.

Crown height 5"

Asymmetrical brim - front 3", detail side 2.75", back 2.75",right side 3.5"

Raw edge (no wire)

Material: your choice of velour fur felt or flat finish fur felt

Trim: hardware links (2 links) with black grosgrain

Wearability: 2 1/2 seasons - Fall, Winter, Early Spring, Transitional

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The Muse Hat