Whether you are a KCM Collector or just a "Always wanted a KCM" Fan... this is the Perfect Combo setting you up for all Parties, All Year Long!

Your set for:

  • Easter
  • Spring Soirees
  • Spring Brunches
  • Spring Weddings
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Halloween
  • or just a fab night out!


Grab the LAST TWO KCM HATS and pay only one S/H fee. Save an extra $25 off of already saving $146 with the super cool Old School KCM Price of $125 each. (Each hat valued at $198.)

The Hola & Lil Tweet Party Pack.

Oh! Bonus! You'll get a dozen fresh sobaqueras (handmade XL flour tortillas from St. Mary's in Tucson, Arizona)...just because...TORTILLAS! 

With Love,


The Party Pack

$396.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price