A Style Kat Classic Duo. 

The Style Kat Wild Rag in Classic Red plus the Style Kat "On The Fly" limited edition scarf pin.


The Style Kat Wild Rag: My nod to the classic.


Cowboy wild rags were worn for practical reasons. Keeping warm, protection from the sun and wind, as a handy wipe, a potholder, a signal flag, a sling, as a dust mask (and you know... "stick 'em up!"), etc..


I really wanted a bandana inspired from the nostalgic point of view but also the functional accessory of it all, (think Rosie the Riveter) and the, of course, Style Factor.

So I searched and searched and couldn't be more pleased with this modern updated version of a functional bandana or wild rag. 

This Style Kat version is a silky poly, so soft and yet not shiny. Rather beautifully matte, light-weight, multi-functional, 27" x 27" and utterly fabulous! 



The Style Kat "On the Fly" Pin: I knew I wanted to have it... so I sought it out and BAM! Your Style Kat "On The Fly" Pin. It was totally a new frontier for this Style Kat and I braved all my nerves, sought out and stepped into a true Fly Fishing Lure Shop while in Trout, MT.


I guess the intimidation was these shops are for true sportspeople... the fisherman/fisherwoman. Me, I'm a Style Kat and wanted to find a perfect and authentic fly fishing lure to make you a Scarf Pin for your Wild Rag. Talk about a City Kat!


We found a great shop and WOW did I love it! Tons of lures all so delicate and gorgeous. I've snipped the hook off and capped the end with a silicone stopper. Super easy to wear and a lightweight little pop o' whimsy that will for sure be a conversation starter. Go ahead and hook up those compliments!


Limited quantity. While supplies last.


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The Style Kat Wild Rag Extra "Super - Fly" Duo