Deeply navy. Oh I'm gonna miss this ribbon when it's gone. In fact, I may need to claim one of these for myself making only 3 available (I originally had 4 open). 

Here's the thing about Petersham Grosgrain. It's simply the best. It's the best and they don't make it anymore. Why? I still can't understand why the company closed. It's a mystery to me. Petersham ribbon is the perfect balance of 50% cotton/50% poly, which makes the ribbon have a slight thickness, a subtle stiffness yet soft and plyable at the same time. 

But this is all techie talk. I am a ribbon geek for sure! 

What it really means for you... it's simply the best navy ever! Navy is a perfect alternative to black for a dark neutral. You can pair it with anything and it just goes. Kind of like how denim works with everything. 

Will you be one of the 3? Yeah, there's only 3 available. There were 4 but I just claimed one of them. 

What can I say? I LOVE Navy! 


To order using the split payment plan head HERE. I will contact you promptly after to find out what your details are: head measurement and trim choice. IF you are choosing a trim that is limited PLEASE email, text or message me via this site or social media to let me know so I can promptly take that choice off the shop for you. Thanks!

The Style Maker - Navy