WARNING: I drop a few/many "f" bombs. ;) I will say when I started this conversation I was stiff, shaking, red, and freaking the "f" out. And after I dialogued...well, I loved it. Totally worked whacky as it is.

❤️ : Dear Katherine,


❤️ : Do. Not. Panic.


❤️ : Just breathe.


❤️ : Yes, you just paid all the bills (you thought you had) currently. And yes, you forgot the IRS was taking out $100. And no you do not have $100 in your account. And yes, this is also the same day as the bank was taking out their "fee" of $6 and yes, you had $6 to cover that but now you have neither and the penalty will be $35 each making this a $170 f**king issue.

❤️ : Do not panic.

K: But I really want to panic.

❤️ : But do not panic.

K: But I feel tears welling up in me.

❤️ : Just breathe.

K: But I don't have the extra $170 and the money I am getting for the shop this weekend is supposed to cover a trip I take in less than a week.

❤️ : What about your hat tribe? Your list?

K: They feel a little useless. They have yet to buy a f**king thing for months now.

❤️ : But they have in the past haven't they?

K: yes

❤️ : And they have bought a lot from you before yes?

K: yes (sniff)

❤️ : Have you reached out this week?

K: No.

❤️ : Can you?

K: I don't want to offer a f**king discount.


❤️ : Must it be a discount?


K: GAH!!!!! I don't f**king know.

❤️ : What would make you feel better right in this moment right now? What do you need?

K: Well, (breathing), I would feel better about it all if I had $200. $200 would take care of the IRS and buy me a beer or two in my local bar, outside on their patio on this beautiful day. I could do my work there. I'd feel better with that.

❤️ : Can you make an offer for $200?

K: Maybe.

❤️ : Maybe just the first one to say yes and PayPal you $200?

K: ??? Perhaps.


❤️ : Maybe just try?

K: I can try. GAH! But I am so annoyed. GAH!!!! I WANT MORE F**KING MONEY! I am so over this crap. I was counting my change this morning to see if I had $10 in quarters. After handing my landlord $2150.

❤️ : I know love.

K: I am so responsible and to flub this! The f**king IRS! $100 mishap that will cost me $70+ in fees on top of it all???!!! And having to rely on clients??? And go backwards into discounts and deals. I am really upset.

❤️ : I know love. It's going to be okay. You are still responsible. You are doing the best you can. It will be fine EVEN if you are charged. And next week you will be poolside. Poolside! With your Mama making you dinner. Everything will be okay. No one is judging you. Think of an offer. It's okay. You make excellent offers. You can do this. No judgement. You are excellent at this and you are totally kicking ass.

K: Really? I don't feel like I am. At all.

❤️ : You Are! Look what you just paid off! You personally just paid over $2k in bills on time. You and your work. YOU. ROCK!

K: Yeah, I did just do that.

❤️ : So this is minor so f**king minor.

K: it is.

❤️ : So you can make an offer?

K: I can make an offer.

❤️ : And can you be okay even if the offer isn't the way in the end? Even if you are charged $70 in fees?

K: (sigh)

❤️ : Can you?

K: (silence)

❤️ : Can you?

K: (breathing and stretching)... Yes. I can. I will. I can do this.

❤️ : Excellent. By the way, you totally got this.

K: I can do it but I don't feel like I "totally" got this.

❤️ : Well, think about it. You are in an instant jam and being the savvy strategist that you are, you are already making a plan to get out of the jam in less than 1 hour. That is f**king cool.

K: You're right. Totally. I got this. 

❤️ : Well done.

K: This was a little whacky eh?

❤️ : Not at all. Look at the AMAZING turn around. Maybe you should get paid to do this. ;) xo

Hours later : UPDATE ("Aha" Moment)

I made no offer. 

I want to come from a place of power not lack. Lack was my past default and standing true in my power and trust that I am investing wisely and I am doing the work is where I actually am currently. 

Bottom line I want everything about my business to be utter luxury. Luxury in feeling, luxury in the buying process, luxury in the entire experience. This is what I have been working towards and this is what I want as my base and business model. I want my clients to feel luxurious and amazing. From the get go.

I admit, from my past, I have trained my list to buy when I am in a bleak situation. And I do not want this for my business model. When I think of it, it feels so very unhealthy. To gain stimulation I needed to be desperate. Once I am desperate enough, I'd drop my prices and then my clients would come forward and score hats. So the whole income experience is not about my tribe supporting me but about my tribe holding out until I am in dire need and then coming in and "helping" and me, I never quite uplevel myself.

So...I am holding strong here. Same as I did when my great client made the comment during my last launch about being spoiled with my past price structure and never made the purchase. That collection went into the shop here in the city and 5 out of the 7 hats sold out already, I'm already on round two, and some styles are on round 4. All selling for the prices I had originally set. So they found their perfect clients and the collection was a total success. In fact those first 5 hats all sold on the first day. It was a uber success.

In my solopreneurhood I forgot a bill that isn't a normal bill for me. 

C'est la vie. For sure it pisses me off because I had just manifested $800 that I needed to cover everything and damn I could have manifested $900 if I had remembered. W.T.Actual.H! 

But again c'est la vie. It is easy to have something slip through the cracks. 

My next "offer" is going to be a kick-ass package that I am currently working on to be a true win/win/win for ALL parties.  And if it costs me an extra $70 in "fees" to learn the lesson that I truly don't want to offer discounts and I truly do want my clients to invest in themselves...than I'll take that as an extra course paid in full.

Super proud of my choice. I really do have it. And I really do kick ass!

. the results .

Five Days Later:
I just wanted to share the wins from this whole process and

how quickly it turned around.

So super proud of myself for not hawking my wares in desperation and instead rolling with the wave. I grew up at the beach in So. CA. and spent 20 years on Maui. I understand the ebb and flow of the ocean, the sets, and what's best to do when you see a huge monster of a wave approaching (the secret is to dive as deep as possible and go under the power of the wave).

But sometimes a monster wave can sneak up on you, or break too close to you for you to actually make the dive. You are in fact going to get tumbled the crap out of. There is nothing you can do. And frankly, trying to fight it and struggle against the power of a monster wave will have you swallowing more salt water and often getting more injured. Really the best thing to do is soften your senses and just accept the tumble. Sure your face is going to hit the sand on the bottom of the ocean and yes, you may lose your bottoms and will feel like a complete ass tumbling around while everyone is watching from the shore.

But it can happen to anyone. It really can. Remembering that the wave will end and the set will calm and then you can rise to the surface, catch your breath, spit out the salt and lick your wounds is a powerful lesson to remember when you turn and see it over your head.

So that is what I did.

I just let it happen.

It was so challenging to NOT check my bank balance on Fri/Sat., there was no reason to. It was under, I was under rolling around, I already knew it. 

Instead, I just kept thinking Luxury. The luxury shopping experience. The luxury brand. 

I focused on all the hats that had sold over the spring when I had my best month in the history of my business (thus far 😉), I focused on telling a story about how this collection had come to be. I also focused on putting the energy into a
blog post over putting it into just a newsletter which is sent and gone.



I went for the Big Picture and the long-term goals.


And I did send the email, to my beloved tribe, and I put out a soft invitation to reach out and talk to me if they found themselves swooning over what they saw. 

I felt so at ease and at peace in this whole process. I just kept flicking the little bugger on my shoulder who kept whispering to me all the things I should be worried about.

Instead, I kept remembering how fricking successful I am!


How people love my work and invest in it all the time. How traveling is a key part of my heart and I am traveling to see my Mama and how my business is paying for this. How I have access to so much knowledge and I am making such shifts by investing in myself with excellent coaching. How fricking awesome it all is. What a fricking rockstar I really am.

So here's what happened Sunday, the day I reached out to my tribe.

On the train to my PT job at The Hat Shop, where I also sell my work, one of my dearest clients reached out! She LOVED my blog and shared a hat story of her own with the final line in her email being: "I gave my black straw Fedorable to a friend who admired it so, and I could use another hat for myself." ❤️

And at the shop I found out a custom order had been taken and I happened to already have that style and easily managed to size it for the client. Then two more of my hats went out the door including this one, my first men's hat and to this guy who is a major hat wearer, he popped this photo on instagram and has over 4K followers that now have a chance to know my label. The best part is that he really is a hat collector and his compliment to me, "You've got it. This is hot!" means the world to me as I step into hatting the Dudes of the globe.

Financially I upped my game by over $400 which covers the cost of the Wave, makes me the uber responsible soul that I am shine and gives me a little extra to celebrate with my Mama when I see her. Plus the conversation that happened with my client who reached out...well she upped her hat game and went for a much higher level hat than she originally had. We actually had a conversation. More stories, more ideas and it equaled to an awesome retail sale for me which bumps me up another $300+.

There are so many wins in this story. 

And this gal is ready for her summer holiday starting Wednesday.


The moral: Dive deep when you can, otherwise roll with it and keep true to your best vision. xoxo