Here you are, following your heart, shining in your talents, you really love what you do...but...

"What the heck is happening!"

I specialize in guiding Creatives into Pros by showing them how to showcase themselves and show up in the world to achieve better sales and deeper client relationships.


Oh those times!

You know them! The times where you feel like your back is to the wall, you may feel like you are spinning, or you've made all this progress just to end up coming around the same mountain AGAIN... or maybe you just have a question about a next step or what to do.

Love, you are ready for a Strategy Session!

Let's. Do. This.


Are you an Entrepreneur?

  • Clarify a strategic way forward for your business.

  • Strategically create a schedule that allows for you to have a life as well.

  • Learn to cut out what isn’t serving you.

Are you a Maker?

  • Get clear ideas of how to streamline your product production.

  • Get real life advice on how to approach stores and handle yourself professionally.

  • Clarity on making sales and customer service techniques

  • Polish your product presence online and in person.

Are you a Milliner?

  • Get strategic plans to up your production.

  • Learn where to get your supplies and how it works for you wherever you live.

  • Get clear on how to approach stores.

  • Clarity on how to deal with clients that has them feeling elite and you feeling satisfied.

  • Learn how to grow your business online.

  • Clarity on leveling up your product and maximizing your strengths.

Are you a

Part-Time Creative wanting to go Full-time?

  • Strategically devise a plan of action that will lead you on your quest.

  • Clarify options that come with clear steps.

  • Level up your product with strategic shifts in how you do what you do.

Just starting out?

  • Get clarity on the best first step forward.

  • Streamline into your Power Attributes and run with them.

  • Strategically take action with what works best and cut out what isn’t serving you.


I'm Katherine Carey.

I am a Lifelong Entrepreneur, Artist, Maker, Millinery Designer
 and Traveler.  


I get it.


I understand the ins and outs of running a business, especially as a solopreneur. Soup to nuts is my specialty.


Client love is my key.


I’m all about growing client relationships whether it is one on one through my website or relationships with my stockists. I understand the ebb and flow of negotiating and holding firm.

With years of making I’ve seen what works and what is ideal for product production and what needs to be cut.


I’m a sharpshooter when it comes to clarity. I’m all about you getting to the next level in your business, balanced with deep self care.


We all need someone to lean into and help us feel clear at times. This is my specialty and I’d love to help you level up and thrive.


Let's. Do. This.

Shall we?

What you can expect:

  • Prepare to hear straight up clarity.

Time is precious and your call is all about moving you forward. It can be intense but believe me when I say I am fierce for your success. So be ready.

  • Be ready to do the work.

It’s on you to make it real.

  • Be ready to lean into yourself.

Leaning in before launching. You’ll be answering questions from the heart and these will be the keys to your map.

  • Be prepared to see your prices raised.

If I had a great big banner flag for my camp it would be a Value Flag. Lowballing your way through life is not my jam. High value for you, high value for your clients is the win/win I go for.


Shall we go forward and kick some a$& together?


I got you.


You got this!


When you are really ready to dive in

and see a shift.​

  • Pre-call Questionnaire instant download and email.

  • 60 minute 1-1 Strategy Session via Skype or Google Hangouts to create an Action Plan.

  • Post call Accountability Action Plan via email (within 48 hours).

  • Weekly Check-In Email to help keep motivated.

  • Unlimited email support for 30 days. Feeling stuck... shoot me an email and I'll keep you moving forward.

  • Check-In Questionnaire - at end off 30 days via email

  • 30 minute 1-on-1 Revised Strategy Session via Skype or Google Hangouts to make any adjustments needed and keep you moving forward.

  • Revised Accountability Action Plan via email


to two monthly payments of $310




How to maximize your value from the get go!

The Questionnaire gives both you and I insight into where you are now and where you want to be. 

Most importantly, it makes your actual call time ALL about moving you forward



This is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!

Moving you in the direction of your vision. Clear steps to your clear path.


Be prepared to dive in quick and deep. Your time is valuable and these are No-Messing-Around Sessions.




Welcome to the world of Accountability!


Now it is time for ACTION! Action mixed with Accountability is a winning combo. 

Check off your steps as you go and feel the shifts you are making. 


I can't wait to cheer you on! 


For your success!

At the end of 30 days you'll get a fresh round of support. All to adjust as needed along the way. Check-In Questionnaire, 30 minute 1-1 call and a  Revised Action Plan.

Consider it a turbo 

boost to your success!



Have a question? 

Something bubble up?

Something to celebrate?

Something to shift?

I got you!


Reach out as needed. You have 30 days of unlimited email support. 

Let's get you moving!


Wondering if

you are ready for a Strategy Session?

Let's have a chat!
Reach out and we can schedule

a 10-minute complimentary chat

to answer any questions and see if

a Strategy Session can help

you move forward.

Here's to Your