The Brand New Box Du Jour - Autumn 2020

The Style Factor

I recently returned from this amazing trip to the Grand Canyon (above) and while there, looking out on these expansive vistas, I found myself Inspired. If you know me then you know when Inspiration hits it usually translates into some sort of sweet offering for you. 

It's been a while since my last Box Du Jour so it felt fitting that while spending time here, in my Rim Executive Office Du Jour, that I would design the brand new Style Factor Box Du Jour. 

Office Du Jour Ala Grand Canyon.jpg

The Office Du Jour, South Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Effortless Style For The Whole Season

NEW Limited Edition, Autumn 2020
Box Du Jour

The Style Factor

Choice of One Made-To-Order Lux Velour Fur Felt "Rancher" or "Style Maker"




Choice of South Dakota Pheasant Feather Trim: Handmade "Small Bundle" or hand-selected "Two Feathers"  




Choice of One Floral Satin Signature Scarf (4 colors to choose from while supplies last)

$365 + s/h

or two payments of $182.50 + *s/h (*split between the two payments)

While supplies last!


This Box Du Jour is all about long-lasting, high quality, nature-inspired, ultra-lux, practical yet fabulous style. 

The hat styles included to choose from are two of my go-to styles I adore. Choose from the Fall/Winter versions of either The Rancher or The Style Maker (formerly known as The Relaxed Fedora). 

Each style is offered in lux and heirloom lasting velour rabbit fur felt (the absolute highest quality) in your choice of color. You also have a choice of trim options (either rawhide or tonal velvet bow). 

Next, I am adding a South Dakota Feather trim that you can slide on your hat for those days you just want a little extra "vibe".

Finally, you'll have your choice of Floral Satin Scarf. I love these scarves (as you can see from the Summer photos above). So functional, use in lieu of mask, keeps you cool or warm with an extra light layer, looks fabulous... always! 


Photos below show you the style of hats but please bear in mind... the trim options offered this season, 2020, are NOT what you see in these photos. I am not able to offer grosgrain ribbon this season due to shipping and sourcing. However, I ADORE the choices I have designed for you. The new styles have not been created yet so it does require a little imagination and of course, reach out anytime and I can give you more details. (

1. Choose Your Style

The Rancher.JPG

The Rancher

She's got a western edge but an absolutely unique style to her. This is my go-to hat for the fall/winter. Perfect if you love a slightly wider brim. 

Asymmetrical in the styling, her pinch is in the middle and her brim is slightly askew. Gives her a fabulous personality. 

I've made this style in felt, as well as, sisal straw and panama. Whether it is me wearing mine or my Mama in hers, the constant compliment from strangers is "I love your hat!"

This season, the Rancher is offered in lux velour fur felt (your choice of color) with a trim choice of either tonal velvet bow or rawhide leather strip. 

Pair this hat with jeans, a dress, a crisp white shirt, or like me, a leather moto jacket. Any which way, your Style Factor is UP!

The Rancher measurements:  Crown height 4 1/2", Brim width: Front 3", Sides 3" tapering to Back 2.

Style Maker.JPG


Formerly, The Relaxed Fedora

The Summer 2020 version of The Style Maker has been my new go-to everyday fedora. I just LOVE it!

For Fall/Winter I am making myself the new lux velour version with leather trim. (As shown below in straw).

I love the edge it gives me and she simply goes with everything. I can't ask for a better Fall/Winter hat. Now to just choose the color??? I'm leaning towards the Sable or Chocolate as a great neutral. 

The ease of this style is what I love. She looks fabulous on every head I've seen her on. The soft velour felt makes her perfect for travel and I can bet she'll become your new go-to hat!

Please note: grosgrain trim is NOT available this season. I am unable to source the quality I love. Instead, I am choosing what I used last Fall... fabulous tonal velvet which completely compliments the velour!

2. Choose Your Color Felt

Earth Tones.JPG

These are the colors choices for either style of hat chosen.

They are lux, heirloom lasting velour finish, rabbit fur felt. 

They are water-resistant, though I do recommend if it's squawling... get inside.

If you need help deciding on a color option, please reach out and I'd be happy to book you a Hat Consultation. 

3. Choose Your Trim 

Tonal Velvet.jpg


I absolutely LOVE this trim choice!

You pick your felt color and I'll match your choice to a tonal velvet bow. What I love about this is the textures of the velour fur felt with the velvet. It's Ultra Lux!


(Shown here in Vienna Gold Felt with tonal trim)



I have become a HUGE fan of the rawhide trim. The streamlined look, the edge, the casual-chic vibe. I love it (hence why mine will be in leather!)

Shown here from the Summer 2020 version I am sure you can imagine how fabulous this trim will be on lux velour fur felt.


4. Choose Your Feathers


Yes, requesting your IMAGINATION again here, so we know we are now talking felt for your Fall/Winter Hat... but what we are looking at here are the feather options. 

South Dakota Pheasant Feathers (thanks to my cousin, Jane), are for you to add a touch of personal flair to your new hat. Choose either the "Small Bundle" or the "Two Feathers". 

Simply slide them on your hat when you are feeling a little extra! 


5. Choose Your Scarf 



I love these scarves. So functional, use in lieu of mask, keeps you cool or warm with an extra light layer, looks fabulous... always! 

27" x 27" is a generous size for a neck scarf. Let's just say, since I discovered these, I wear them every week! Once Fall hits... daily! 

I have 2 of each color so color choices are while supplies last.

From top left: Beige, Ivory, Chambray, Navy


Why not book a Hat Consultation with me? I can answer any questions you have and guide you through the custom hat creating process. Reach out HERE and I'll be in touch with dates and times for you.