Moving Forward

Once You Leap ... Where Do You Land?

What exactly happens when you Take A Leap?!

I thought since I have freshly landed from a very recent, very high leap, that it's a perfect time to talk about just that. What exactly happens when you take a leap?

It's one thing to be way up on the ledge deciphering, and takes heaps of courage to actually take the leap...but what happens after? 

Do you land like this little one and bounce off the leaves below kinda of acting like "no big deal"... or do you land and feel a little bruised, tender and disoriented?

Or how about the general feeling of  "Where am I?"

That feeling.

Yes. Pretty much most of the above if done properly. Or I could say, EVEN when done properly. 

Here's the thing... impact happens. No matter how skilled a diver you are, you will hit the water and there is an impact. If you are super skilled and have a bit of perfect conditions and luck going, you can hit your target pin pointed and leave very little splash. But you will still FEEL the point of entry. 

That's what it's like to leap. That is the feeling. It's SO much faith and hope and even if you feel you are being chased off the ledge... there is this instant bliss factor that comes for sometimes just a few seconds, maybe a moment or two, and if you are really fortunate then it stays with you even when you land in unchartered territory.

But your muscles, both trust and physical, are going to be a little tender. I bet that duckling is feeling a little tender too.

I can share from my recent leap that I have landed, I am alive, I am not wounded but I am tender, disoriented and just wanting to sit still for a little bit to get my bearings.

I am in absolute Brand New Uncharted Territory and that is both thrilling and unnerving. 

Things I know how to do are off my plate (by my own choice and for excellent reasons). It's a literal desert out here and the sun is shining strong and I am looking around trying to find which way is north so I can continue to follow my North Star. 

I'm a little dizzy, totally tired (like daily deepest naps ever tired) and while I am so excited to jump up and start strolling, I know the best choice is to be a bit still for a little while.

This is when "just enough" is absolutely plenty. It is a choice. It is also a sacrifice and if you can figure out how to get by with "just enough" while you completely re-group... then you are doing fine.

Plans for bounty... you bet! For this moment though, I'll take a sweet slow modest summer and my sweet dang time. I mean I am talking about the next season of my life and career here. Pretty huge stuff. 

Not today though. Today is for caring for these muscles and resting the tenderness. 

Wishing you ease for any Leaping you may have just done or plan to do. If you are adventurous it is always worth taking on.