Add a little "La Vie Française" to your Summer Vibe.

Introducing the 

style kat box du jour

S/S 2019 "La Vie Française"
while supplies last


Your Exclusively Curated Box Du Jour Includes:

  • The Perfect Travel Tunic - choice of 6 colors stripes or solid

  • A Curated French Summer Scarf in pale red, ivory, and french blue

  • My All-Time Favorite Organic Lipstick - choice of two perfect shades

  • The Travel Must-Have Avène Thermale Spring Water 1.7ounces of Refreshment and Aaaah!

  • A hand-crafted Charme D'Art de Coeur

  • Une Petit Lavender Sachet

  • A Set of Two Classic French Tea Towels

  • A Made-In-France Artisan Tisane Tea Blend

  • A Trio Wee Petite Met-The-Farmer Saucisses

  • All with an Organic Cotton Classic Fisherman's Weave French Market Bag

$149. + S/H

While supplies last


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Ultimate Travel Tunic


Scarf Combos...

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"La Vie Française" arriving right to your door! 

The best of the best favorites I am currently indulging and styling in.

The Must-Haves for everyday chicness and utter self care.

The Ultimate Travel Tunic!

Chic and Effortless meets

Multi-Functional Style!

Your choice of French Blue Stripes, Olive and Cream Stripes, Classic Noir, French Blue Solid, Heather Grey, or Tomato Red. This tunic can be worn with leggings, jeans, bermuda shorts, yoga pants, skirts, whatever! I love how comfortable this viscose rayon fabric is.

Absolutely PERFECT for travel! One size fits most, belt it, let it hang, flats or heels...J'Adore!

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A Signature Curated

Cotton Blend Scarf 


I adore this scarf in french blue, pale red and ivory. So super french and so super easy to wear. Goes fab with your new tunic but also great with a classic white button down, a summer dress, or a simple solid color T-shirt. 

My Go-To Travel Spritz


This spritz ALWAYS has feeling revived! 

French Thermal Spring Water Spray is the bomb for feeling refreshed due to super hot weather or dry dry airplane air. A little spritz and you are feeling fabulous and that's what counts!

I love it always!

My All-Time Favorite Organic Lipstick 


I discovered the last time I was in the Ariège area four years ago! I used every last bit of my last lipstick (which lasted a super long time even wearing daily). The company Benecos is based out of the UK, lots of organic ingredients in this make-up brand and what I adore about these lipsticks is that the are sheer and keep my lips soft. The colors I offer for this Spring/Summer limited Box Du Jour are:

  • Just Red - a perfect classic red...sheer and great for a natural more spring appropriate vibe. 

  • Pink Honey -  Just a hint of color in this gorgeous neutral shade. Soft and super easy to wear.

Tisane du Jour


Mare Nostrum: A legacy of Mediterranean traditions, the use of this composition of tea in South East France dates back to the early Middle Ages. Very aromatic, composed of lemon balm, fennel, coriander, mint, nettle and citrus fruits. Wonderfully delicious tea made right here in France with the highest quality ingredients. If you are ready to take a sip of the countryside, brew a cup and just dream. Gorgeous is how I describe this blend. 

A Pair of French Blue Tea Towels. 


But of course!


Classic plaid/checks in a cotton tea towel makes drying one's hands or dishes a Mediterranean experience. I love these towels so much. I always pick them up in Paris and never can find the same quality in the states. But I found them in the Ariège and you are getting two! Soft, washable, French! 


Une Petit Sachet du Lavender. 

Un petit sachet that can in one whiff drift you right into the heart of France. Place it under your pillow or in your dresser drawer, keep it next to your favorite chair or on your office desk and just take a little sniff of la vie Française whenever you need an escape.


Talk about stress reliever! 

Une Petit Art
Heart Du Jour Charm

Handmade by a local artizen this sweet Heart has a small hole and can be used to hold an incense stick or string it on a ribbon and wear around your neck.


This little add-on came into your box simply because I loved the charm of this charm and meeting the maker and just the sweetness of a wee local bit 'o heART. 

Trois Saucisses. 


I met the maker and if you love a good salami well, she makes them on her farm. Now sending a full size sausage in the mail is bonkers but then I saw these wee wee petite une teeny and the flavors! It's a small taste of France...recommended to enjoy with a glass of wine.


If you are a vegetarian you can let me know and I will not add these to your box, or they could also make the most amazing treats for your pets...just saying. 

Finally... to take to the Market...

An Organic Cotton French Market Bag! 

A true classic fisherman weave market sack. Colors are limited. Natural, Black, Mustard, or Lavender.

This Limited Edition Curated Style Kat Box du Jour is available while supplies last. Boxes ship out last week of May from Arizona so you'll have your Summer vibe just in time! Don't delay.

I will run out of stock and I cannot highly recommend these goodies enough! 

With Love from France!


Style Kat Box Du Jour - S/S 2019 La Vie Française

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