The Branded Hat

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Effortless Wearable Marketing! 

Meet your CEO of style items! 

When you embody your brand, it's easy to
grow your business!

We never know whom we will meet, and being prepared is vital when you’re in business! ⁣

Why not let your style do the work for you? ⁣

The Branded Hat is the perfect accessory for any businesswoman.  It’s your effortless lead-in. ⁣

Polished, sharp, chic, branded!⁣

With The Branded Hat, you’ll receive an ultra-custom experience, including a 1:1 consultation, branded trim palette, and choices of two classically chic styles in bleached or natural Panama. ⁣

Bespoke and made especially for you with your business tagline custom embroidered as a surprise inside your hat, delivered to you in a shiny signature white hatbox worthy of small-apartment real estate.

Investment: $525
By online appt. 
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Brand: House Of Preeminence
Jenni P Parker Brown
Genius Activist, Image and Messaging Maven, Founder and Editor In Chief of Preeminence Magazine™ 


Effortless Wearable Marketing

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Two Fedora styles to choose from:

  • 3" or 4"

  • Bleached Panama or Natural


1:1 Online Consultation to create the perfect hat to meet your personal style, and business track.


Hat made-to-order in your specific head size. Shipped to you inside a signature white round hatbox.

Investment: $525

or three payments of $175 + S/H

By online appointment. Book your complimentary consultation today and let's chat about your business style! 

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Six Reasons Why Wearing the Right Hat Bodes Well For Your Business.


It's A Natural Conversation Starter

Once that door is open, it’s an opportunity for you to engage and communicate what you do with ease.

Brand: Soul Whispers 
Karen Baines, Conscious Wealth Mentor


It's A Confidence Booster

You’ll walk with better posture when you have a hat on, naturally.

Brand: Dawn Bates

Author Coaching, Business Strategy, Leadership

It Makes You Approachable

People who wear hats have an ease about them. If you are in business, being approachable is key for closing the deals.

Brand: Marcia Martin

Transformational Thought Leader. Global Authority on Enrollment, Communication, and Relationships.


Airport Grace

Long flight to your next speaking gig or conference... pop your hat on when leaving the plane and you’ll look 100% more refreshed than your

plane mates. Who knows what conversations you might strike up at baggage claim.

Brand: Gina DeVee

Founder of Divine Living, a lifestyle and empowerment brand for women globally, author of The Audacity to be Queen (Hachette), accomplished speaker, transformational coach, and podcast host.


Always Polished

Polished is a key to great business. Being put together is easy

when you add a hat.

It’s an instant Polish Uplevel.

Brand: Liana Chaouli

The Style Sage

Creating personal transformation through the empowerment of wardrobe.


Compliment Attracter

Feel great about yourself! Hats magnetize compliments your way—every single time. From random strangers to your BFFs, if you feel a little low that day, wear your hat

and watch your mood

shift to high vibe.

Brand: Spryte Loriano

Visionary Humanitarian, Transformational Media Producer,​ Obsessed with High Vibrational Living

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