Le Chapeau de la Saison - Bette et Sisters

Spring 2020

Katherine Carey Millinery is BACK! What can I say, hats are in my soul style. That said, here at KCM we are doing things a little differently this time. I am thrilled to announce that I have found a wonderful millinery company in NYC to produce my highlighted line, mon Chapeau de la Saison.

We begin with one. One perfectly whimsical, not for the wall-flower, ready to make a statement, Day-to-Event Chapeau in four variations... because, you know, everyone is unique!

This is you chance to be a part of this brand new level of KCM. The 1st ready-to-wear luxury line version of classic KCM.

So let's chat Bette. Bette first came around a couple Springs ago. I had this desire to make a playful hat that offered shade, a classic shape but definitely a statement. Three whimsical bows turned this classic lampshade into something WAY more fun! On one hand you could wear it to the Central Park Conservancy Luncheon or to the Kentucky Derby (in fact, the original Bette went to the Derby paired with a flirty Prada skirt (as shown in pic), but the best part is that this super fun, ever so chic chapeau could also be worn poolside, drink in hand, cabana chair, large sunglasses, you get the idea.


After working at The Hat Shop in NYC and seeing women spend $$$$ on beautiful over-the-top hats that really had to have a special occasion (which I loved designing too!), I designed the Bette to be an investment that could do more. 


She's perfect for your Springtime Soiree wherever that is, be it the Derby or a friend's wedding, but she's also great for the farmer's market, the beach, a weekend brunch, church or even as your main hat for traveling. She truly is multi-functional FAB! 

Fast forward to today, this Spring, 2020, literally right around the corner. After taking a hiatus from hand-making (to give my hands the rest they desired), and missing the last couple seasons, well, Spring Fever hit me!


Over the winter holidays I hopped on a plane and headed back to NYC from my desert life in Green Valley, AZ. I went simply for Inspiration. It was my Employee Bonus for being such a star in my business ;) (really!). I had something else on my agenda too. That was to get some information, do some research for having my millinery line produced. 

I knew who to go to and the day after arriving I was there, clip board in hand and designing away for what will be my new lux line of ready-to-wear chapeaux.

I thought about Spring, what my woman needs, desires and the events list she has on hand. I knew versatility will always be key. So would fabulosity. Of course!

So here is where you get to use YOUR IMAGINATION! Why?? Because Love, I am showing you the behind-the-scenes, atelier experience of the New Modern Bette! 

She's going to be similar to what I first made (as seen in photo above), but more streamlined because the more I travel and capsulize my wardrobe, the less fussy I am and the more I want the POPS and clean lines. So gone is the wrap around headband, gone is the banded edge and the new Bette will be the vibe and shape (though updated) as she originally was, but with the trim style being similar to last Spring's Bette (sans 1 bow because 3 is perfection for our new Modern Bette).

Let's get visual...this will be fun! Deep breath, open mind, ready to smile... here we go!

The Modern Bette beginnings

Bette Original

Last Spring's Bette


Sans the hat band and banded edge... trust me!


Sans one of the bows, so 3 bows in total and this hat shape is discontinued but see below for the new shapes.

Here's where we take the above and start designing the new! There will be two versions available as a fitted hat. Meaning, to be worn like a classic lampshade or fedora. These will be available in a variety of sizes because we all have different shaped noggins.


What you see below are the actual blocks I took snap shots of to create the New Bette and Babette. Then a quick scribble of how they will look with their three bows lined up. (Pure squeaaa-dome!) 

On the left is the Classic Bette. She will be a lampshade offering lots of sun protection. On the right is the Babette. Shorter brim but with same crown so she appears taller, more jaunty. Superb for a spring tuxedo! I mean...SUPERB! 

These two will be 
produced in small quantities, with lots of hand-time in the making of them. I am SO excited with this venture! Those Bows!

The Classic Bette

The Babette

Next we come to the Couture Line of Bette's Sisters. The Bette Sisters I will be hand making over here in the desert. Why am I creating these ones myself? Well, it gets down to logistics. After years of making my signature small top hats and mini fedoras I have a particular way of creating these. It is not something I am able to have produced (yet). So these are super special and very limited as my hands are willing to do a few (simply because I KNOW how FAB they will be!) 

These designs take EXTRA imagination as I am literally showing you quick (very quick) sketches. But I'll also show you some of my Minis from the past seasons and that should help you get a feel of the vibe I will be headed in.

Squeeea! Here we go!

The Beatrice

A mini topper with three fab bows perfect for really showing up to the event! Make them glad you got the invite!

The Lisbet

A true Bluestocking style, shorter crown but with the three stylized bows that make her part of the Bette Family. 

Pair this with a party dress or a simple suit and grab the attention for just being so dang chic!

If you haven't experienced one of my signature minis here's some pics of past Toppers and Bluestockings to give you an idea of how the style looks and feels on an actual head (mine!) Note: Styles in the photos below are sold out and no longer in production. xoxo

The Classic Topper

For the daring! Has some height but just enough! Perches on top your head with an elastic band to hold your hat exactly where you want it. 

Shown here:

2019 The Monarchy Topper. Hand dyed sisal in coral with accoutrements.

The Classic 


A shorter crown to offer just a nudge of height but not feel too much. Like the Topper this hat has a small elastic band that hides under your hair line and keeps hat exactly where you

want it!

Shown here: 2019 Spring in natural sisal with vintage extra wide black grosgrain. 

Now for the really FUN part!

Yes, even more fun than the shapes and trims above. 

The Colors available!

The Spring 2020 Bette & Sisters line will be made in fancy weave sisal. Colors will be hand-dyed (by moi) with... get this... squeeea... matching tonal bows! SQUEEEEA!!!! So what you will end up with is, picture this, go ahead, give it a try, a gorgeous hat in a vibrant spring color with a variety of textures but also, interestingly neutral to pair with your favorite Spring ensemble. 

That's right! The style is there. The whimiscal trim is there. But it's about the WHOLE picture, it's about YOU! The hat is not over taking you. It's in harmony with your outfit du jour because it's tone on tone and texturally delightful. I am seriously so EXCITED!!!

Here are the color offerings I am bringing forward this Spring. (Along with ALWAYS a natural sisal/black trim option... I do love a classic!)




Spring Green

All styles come hand-dyed in the colors listed with tonal colored grosgrain bows.

Except for "Natural" (below) which comes with classic black grosgrain bows.


Think Pink


Soft Blue

Natural w/Black trim

Are you ready to claim your exclusive limited edition KCM Spring 2020

Bette (or Bette's Sister?)

Now accepting pre-orders. 


For Couture Minis (Beatrice & Lisbet) turn around time is 4 weeks.


For the new KCM Bette production (Bette Classic and Babette, orders must be placed by Feb. 28th.


Hats will be shipped out end of 1st week of April in time for Easter delivery. 

Be a part of this historic moment for KCM. Enter Spring with a vibrant classic style that shows you have a sense of wit and utter chicness.

Price list: Lock in your order today with a 50% deposit + s/h $30 domestic/$60 international and pay the balance in 30 days.

Bette Classic $398 / 50% deposit $199

Babette $398 / 50% deposit $199 

Beatrice $485 / 50% deposit $242.50 

Lisbet $485 / 50% deposit $242.50

Bette Classic and Babette are made to order in your head size.

Beatrice and Lisbet are one size.

Still please add the following to your order for any hat chosen:

Please include size when ordering. To measure your head simply take a tape measure and place it around the circumference of your head about an inch above your ears. Do not pull tightly, just give a comfortable measurement. Let me know the inches or centimeters in the comments section of your order.


To place your pre-order for Bette and/or her Sisters, please email me HERE and let me know what you are interested in. I will reach out to you promptly and send you a PayPal invoice for ease. 


Need help deciding? I am happy to give you a consultation if you are curious which style and/or color would best suit your desires. Reach out HERE with any questions and please remember the

last day to place your order for the 1st round of Spring (and the limited 1st edition collection) is February 28th.  


Yay Spring! xoxo

It's like the Oxygen Mask.

Get yourself breathing and then you can help the whole plane!



Style Kat Pro . Katherine Carey . 2020 . Green Valley, Arizona, USA .