The Hats

It's true! The Hats are coming back... sooner than you think!

If you know me, you may know that I ended my hand-making-every-hat vibe over the Summer 2019. I had made around 1000 hats by hand in my 30yr career.

My hands wanted to stop. 

However, my heart is still in love with chapeaux so after a hiatus of a couple seasons, and some research back in NYC, I have found the right direction for KCM, Katherine Carey Millinery, to continue-ish.

I say "ish" because it certainly won't be in the same way KCM has shown up before.

I've streamlined EVERYTHING in my life these days so I will be also streamlining how I grow my Hat business. 

What I can tell you right now is three things:


1. I will be making a very small, uber couture, mini collection for Spring with my two fabulous hands. A total of six one of a kind Spring Event chapeau. 

That will be it for my hands this season. I can guarantee two things: 

  1. They will be fabulous! Truly. All my creative energy poured into these six little hats. All my love of Spring and the season's soirees and deep love of style and Spring fashion... poured into these six hats. Definitely.

  2. They will be $$$. Just saying with fair warning. These six hats will be upscale and priced accordingly. They will be special. Made by hands that aren't making any more. Total collector items and totally worth their price tags. But these won't be "deals" or on "sale" so fair warning, they are made with total love. 


2. ​There will also be a manufactured line! Yes! So excited. I have found the right soul to carry on my work and I plan to go into production this spring. 

3. This season as far as production goes I am looking at one FAB style created two different ways. It's full of whimsy and functionality. And I plan to hand dye the materials for a super chic and fun tone on tone Spring vibe.

That said... "Almost". Not quite ready for the reveals but Babes they are coming

Want to be first to know when these chapeaux start to appear? 

Drop me an email and I'll put you on a special Chapeaux News Flash! 



Squeeeea for Spring!