Celebrating Everyday Wins.

Meet the Trailblazers.

Inspired by the resilience of the West itself and the Modern Woman who knows who she is and isn't afraid to blaze her own trails.

Hats are available with a no-interest, three monthly payment plan. Just click here, find the hat you want, choose Local Pick-Up, US Domestic S/H, or International S/H and get your hat for a cash-friendly monthly payment. 

Custom Orders for this collection are available. If your favorite is sold out or the wrong size, you can order a custom version by reaching out to me.


All Hats are available with a split-payment plan of three monthly payments. S/H will be split as well. To currently choose this option, please contact me and I will set you up. You may: Email Me, or DM me on Facebook or Instagram @stylekatpro. 

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About this Collection:

This is the first couture collection since the Spring of 2019. Each hat is a work of art, and the desired look was one of a hat that had already lived, one that had stories to tell and more stories to create. It began with the Desert Rose and was completed with The Wise Woman Topper (which was a hat that insisted on being brought forth after the collection was completed.) It's what I refer to as the ultra zen moment in creativity when you've done all the due diligence, all the wax on, wax off, and then utter bliss enters and creates itself.


The Trailblazer hat is The Hat Of The Season, and unlike the others in this One & Only collection, The Trailblazer is custom made to your head size. I designed this hat after the Desert Rose, but before, I dived into creating this line. I made it for myself, and I can honestly say I have worn this hat daily ever since. Not fussy, and yet high style all the way. This hat is my go-to hat, perfect for walking my doggie wards, grocery runs, enjoying dinner out (finally!) with my Mama, and just anytime I am outside in the hot desert sun. 


Each hat has a story, so click on your favorites and read the tales they have to share. 

As always, reach out and ask me any questions. You may contact me either through my email at or via messenger on Facebook or Instagram at @stylekatpro

Hats are ready to ship immediately. S/H charges are $35 Domestic and $45 International.

If you live locally, you can opt for studio pick-up for free. 

Hats come in a signature round white hatbox for storage and ship inside a shipping box.