Extended Deadline for last order of the season date: July 31st

The Style Maker

Because Style IS Always The Choice!
Style Maker Full Shot.JPG

Who doesn't love an instant Style Maker! I mean INSTANT! Pop it on and "Poof!", you've gone from regular to FAB, from "Oh my goodness this hair!" to "Oh snap! I got this!" 

I've been leaning into what I have seen and heard from the gals in my life, designed with what I know is a winner and then perfected with what will work for everyone from Girlie Girl, to Sporty Girl, to Prefer To Be Incognito Girl. 


It's totes The Style Maker and it's finally here!

One fab style in easy-to-wear, nice and light raffia straw that works with any head size (made to order specifically in your custom size), to any hair type, face shape and height... meaning the tall girls look sleek and the petite girls look sharp! 

So choose your trim and let's get you hatted pronto! 

Whether you are walking the dog, having to run a quick errand or just getting some fresh air, The Style Maker will have you polished with ease...because you just never know who may run into your path... even from 6ft. away. 



Be ready! Be polished! Be Styled! 


And Under $200! 

The Style Makers

Some trim options are limited. Last order of the season is July 31st.